How To Create Your Own Job And Never Be Out Of Work Ever Again


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“If you want to create your own destiny work for yourself”.

You have so much more to give.

And you’re just not fulfilled by your 9-5, right? There’s nothing more soul-destroying than being an idea machine or a creative person but being limited to the box you’re in (called a job title).

If you were given the chance to work all day doing what you love and are passionate about without getting paid but all your board and expenses was taken care off. Would leave your 9-5 and take a chance on this unique job offer?

Whether it’s a small niggling feeling, or you’re largely confident you could be making waves doing something else, if it’s persistent and won’t go away then it’s worth pursuing.


So, what’s stopping you?

Sometimes it’s hard to have an honest conversation with yourself. The fact that you’re ready to take the Create Your Own Job Masterclass right now tells me that you already know you want to work for yourself but you need that little push, you’re not going to regret your decision.

I’m not a mind reader.

You’re just doing the exact same thing I did before I quit to become an entrepreneur 14 years ago.

You can live your life anyway you want.

If you want to build a business today, only you can stop yourself.

In The Create Your Own Job Masterclass 4 part audio series, you’re going to learn how to master your career path and cut the umbilical cord to a 9-5 and start your own successful Freelance business.

What You will Learn

  • Learn how to build a lucrative Freelance business
  • How to find and research your niche
  • Where to find and look for ready and waiting paying clients
  • How to market and grow your freelance business
  • How to set your own prices
  • How to discover great free resources for your freelance business
  • And much more


The Benefits of creating your own job are endless.

Make your passions work

If you want to love what you do, you need to find what you love. Finding something you care about deeply will radically change your life, you might even end up changing the world. Starting your own business is the perfect opportunity to invest in the thing you’re passionate about and make it your job. If you’re going to take the leap then we’ve got plenty more help for you inside the Create Your Own Job Masterclass. Enroll today on this life changing course and start living life on your own terms.


Estimated Time: 2 Days

Difficulty: Beginner

Categories: Beginner, Career Management, courses

Lessons: There are 4 lessons in this course

Media: Audio


Rachael is the CEO and Founder of Rachael Academy. Having been in the business industry for over 14 years, Rachael brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the field of Branding, Marketing, Sartup, Social Media, Business Growth, International trade, Book Publishing and so much more. She was named Entrepreneur of the  year by Huffpost in 2016.



Introduction To Create Your Own Job

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