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How To Design A Suitable Social Media Strategy For Your Brand


Social Media is one of the most useful and affordable tools to build any successful brand. Social media is not specific to a group or product and making wise use of it will prove advantageous to any brand. But your objective should not be to publish photos of your brand representatives at a random array of local events or donating to various charities.


This kind of display will prove beneficial, but only if you keep everything tied to the objectives of your brand. Aim to educate your customers. Highlight all the good attributes they already see and emphasize the ones they do not see. But don’t be too aggressive. There is no need to post long rants about your brand or your competitors all over social media. Use simple Memes and creative videos to emphasize and reemphasize all that your brand represents.


This will however require that you keep up to date with the latest trends.



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Companies all around the world have participated in various challenges to get potential clients curious about their brand. But no one can predict which trend will be cluttering up your news feed three months from now. Social media is not about forcing your message into the lives of your customers. If you make use of this tool to your advantage, potential clients will be sharing your message all around the world without ever asking you for a dime.


Social media allows you to waltz right into the homes of the very group of people you wish to target. But in order for you to reach them, you have to make them welcome you into their homes. You will only be able to achieve that if you present your brand in a way that excites or intrigues the masses. In short, keep up to date, keep it fun and keep it relevant.


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Be warned however, there is a hidden danger in this strategy. Social media makes it very easy for your clients to ‘call you out’ on whatever issues they may have with your product or service. Be sure to carefully monitor the comments being posted and prepare yourself to have to do damage control at just about any time.


Anything offensive that is posted on your account can reach the very ends of the earth in just a few seconds. And even if you eventually delete it, this harmful content will do permanent damage before you are even aware of the harm that was done. That is why I strongly discourage delegating the task of posting on and monitoring your social media accounts unless you have hired a proven, trusted professional to do so.


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If you want to make use of social media effectively, you will need to devise a plan that emphasizes the goals and message of your brand. Your social media account should simply be an extension of your brand strategy. But once again, this is far easier said than done. It is so easy to become swept up in the millions of Tweets, posts, Snapchats and comments that can lose sight of their goals altogether.

Remember that your brand was designed to send one central message and to reach a very specific group of people. That means every image or post you make should be tied to a specific objective. Your aim should not be merely to entertain your audience. While it is true that comedic content will help attract new followers, you may very well end up attracting the wrong kind of people. It is best to focus on educating your followers, especially when your brand is relatively new. If you are able to combine being entertaining and informative, you have already won the battle.


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Always remember that managing your social media accounts will be almost like a full time job. So while it is good to use various social media platforms to build your brand, try not to stretch your resources too thin.

Your time is always your most precious resource. It is better to carefully select a few platforms that are known to be favorites of your buyer personas, than to waste time managing too many accounts.

The beauty of a social media account is that it is one touch point where you are encouraged to make contact with your clients as often as possible. This will not be possible if you have too many accounts and your brand will not build loyalty by posting the same content on every one of its social media pages.

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As mentioned before, the frequency of your posts are of utmost importance. Frequency is the only real way to get the attention of your audience. The world of social media can be quite forgetful. People today want to be engaged constantly and are generally always glued to their mobile devices. If their focus is not on your brand or your product, your competition may have captured their attention. And do not be mislead to think that it is just posting informative content that will get your brand recognized. You need to engage your followers as well.


That means posting comments that will solicit their feedback and responding to their comments. If your communication via social media is one sided, it will not prove to be a very useful tool.


Followers become very disgruntled when they feel their opinions are being ignored and you simply want to push your message on them. Communication was always meant to go both ways.


“Two Monologues Do Not Make A Dialogue.” – Jeff Daly

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ― George Bernard Shaw

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” ― Charlie Kaufman


As I have emphasized time again, successful brands are those that earn the trust and respect of their target audience. Social media can assist you in that regard because it allows you to become an expert in your niche. If you are always posting informative content, your audience will constantly look to you to learn something new.


It is this kind of anticipation for what you have to say that will gradually gain their trust and soon, lead to increased sales. Always remember  that social media is regarded as the most useful platform to reach an audience because the world is your audience once you make that final click. Even if your brand is currently ‘local,’ try to break out of the mindset of thinking only people within a specific region will benefit from your content. Gradually move away from location specific content and become more of a general expert in this specific field.



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Another important aspect of your social media strategy is the quality of your content. Proof read everything more than once! Bearing in mind how quickly your mistakes can spread around the world will help you to remember this point. Worded content on social media should always be short and sweet. Save wordier messages for your website or your blog.


The quality of the images you post is also a matter of serious concern. Social media is one of those platforms that encourage people to forget the dangers of copyright infringement. Always check who owns the images you intent to use and the usage rights for these images. Please also ensure you select crisp, clear images at all times. Try to avoid images with watermarks or the logos of other companies.


Video content is always a great option for promoting specific products or services. Use videos to highlight how to use your product and always aim to make it look easy. No one wants to complicate their lives unnecessarily. You can also engage your clients by encouraging them to showcase themselves making use of your product or service.



Everyone wants to be a star and you can easily leverage this innate desire to your advantage. Despite the various benefits of social media, this alone cannot help make your brand a success. You need to make use of an assortment of platforms to build your brand.


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