How To Design An Ultra, Happy & Exciting Life Using Desire


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Hello there my lovelies it has been a while. Hope you all are enjoying the hot summer weather? I know I am. The last three months for me has been a roller-coaster. I’ve had to slow down a little to focus on family issues, all good no need to worry.

But since my mind has been on other things for a little I’ve found that I’ve lost a little desire for my business and what I do here at Rachael Academy,(Can I Keep It Real?) We all have those days, months and sadly years where we’ve just lost the desire for life. Thank God I’m not there, just feeling a little fatigued.

Sadly some of us stay there and have no strength to pick themselves back up. If you recognise that you are here right now, please don’t beat yourself up, this is what I call the life circle of life and every human-being goes through a loss of desire for something that is really important to them at some point of their journey of being human.

This got me thinking on the subject of desire.

Is it a feeling?

Or an action?

Is it a doing word?

Or all three?


It got me thinking of the early days of me starting out in business, having the passion and desire to start my own thing but unsure where, what and how to start. But I truly believe that it was my desire for more and the desire to truly make a difference in my little sphere of influence and even maybe the world that kept me going and moving me through the ups and downs of starting a business and getting it off the ground.

So this latest podcast episode is actually not a new per-say but an old one that I recorded maybe 7 years ago, not quite sure on dates but around about then. Where I discus the subject of desire with Omar Zac Phillips Entrepreneur and founder of The Idea Of A Man website.

So I hope this latest podcast helps you in creating space in your life and time for stirring back your long lost desire for life or business and maybe even a long lost dream.

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