How To Feel Great Live Joyfully And Stay Vibrant


Through her work as a Naturopathic Nutrionist and Wellness Coach, Claudine Thornhill helps people to feel beer, think beer and therefore be beer. What underpins and drives Claudine’s work is her fundamental belief that health and wellness is a key foundation for greatness. Claudine completed a three-year diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and is a fully insured practitioner. Her diet, wellness and lifestyle support focuses on balancing hormones to reduce the effects of PMS, PCOS or Fibroids; Balancing blood sugar levels to restore vibrancy, manage sugar cravings and weight, and encouraging balance and alignment between work, rest and play by increasing self-awareness and encouraging self-care.

At the heart of Claudine’s work is inspiring people to take action to create lasting, positive change. As a Health & Wellbeing Coach on the NHS Healthier You National Diabetes Prevention Program, Claudine led 9-month long, community-based, health education workshops in the South London region. Claudine is also a Volunteer Speaker for Diabetes UK. In addition to this, Claudine works with private wellness coaching and nutritional therapy clients in her own practice, is an expert speaker on all things women’s health, stress, Diabetes and blood sugar balance related and runs events, workshops and online programs. Outside of her wellness work, Claudine has a professional background in Human Resources Management, loves yoga and travel and is a personal development junkie.


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Written by Rachael Phillips

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How To Feel Great Live Joyfully And Stay Vibrant With Claudine Thornhill

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