How To Focus On Your Goals For 2020


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How YOU Focus on getting what you want!  Frame your outline to give your business a drive to succeed.

  • Layout so you can see how far you have come and where you still need to go to achieve your formula for success.
  • Making the money you need to have the life you have dreamed of for you and yours. With the table set it is easy to enjoy the buffet of life.
  • Everyday, list the things that need to be done in the priority of their importance.  If the list is not completed, not a problem, continue to work on the high priority items.
  • Outline all the details, just like planning a trip your goal is just like the destination of your trip. You make reservations, pack and continue on your way.

Here you put down on your list what it will take to accomplish your goal, how to get started.  What form of advertising, follow-up with your people and helping them when they need it.

  1. Lay it out so you always have it clearly in your mind where you are going and how you are going to get there.
  2. Call yourself up to follow your goals.  Start small and work up, you will allow yourself to see your successes along the way and that will inspire you to continue.
  3. If you find a title to an ad is not drawing like you think it should rethink what you are trying to get across to your people.  Your ad tracker lets you know what is working, put a new one on a up and coming title and see if it draws better.  Test & re test until you get it right.  If your results are failing then start from scratch again, brainstorm until the right one appears and use it.

Using established ways to promote is fine if it is working to bring in people for you.  Using your banners and traffic exchanges will help get you traffic.  Ads in your safe lists get you known as will your picture to bring recognition and value to you as a real-live person working online.  Don’t be afraid to try new ways.  Having your own site or Blog gives you the freedom to use ads, banner exchanges & contact pages for others to find you online.  Traffic is key and you need your advertising to bring this to your site.  Calculate what is working for you and concentrate with priority there.  The goal is to get results to reach your first milestone and continue on.

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Sending your articles to sites help keep you in tune with your goals.  Always send them in regularly, this holds you accountable for goals set and the ones to come in the future.  Remember articles inspire you to reach for the top as well as others.  When you think about doing it you think its impossible but your mindset is very important as with anything in life.  You are what you think that you can do.  Climbing the mountain is just as easy as getting started with your online business one step at a time.  The impossible becomes possible.  Focus until your goal is achieved.


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