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How To Grow Your Business PR With Emily Taffel

Welcome to another episode of The Secret Diary Of an Entrepreneur. This weeks guest is Emily Taffel From Mugsy PR. Emily knows all things PR and she will be sharing with us how to grow your business with PR.

Let’s start off with a basic question: What is the difference between marketing and PR? Marketing refers to the promoting, advertising, and selling of your product or service.

Public relations refers to the management of communications between your business and the press and general public. The two work hand-in-hand to help customers discover your business.

Always striving to get the word out quickly and to the widest audience possible, Emily Taffel, owner of Mugsy PR is your go-to public relations and social media representative. Whether it is gossip, publicity for a new product or event, or a major news story, Emily is the woman-in-the-know.

She earned a Bachelor of Science from Nova South Eastern University in Business and Marketing and immediately began working with a Fort Lauderdale based public relations firm. During her time at school she was honoured with membership in both Sigma Beta Delta and Alpha Chi.

As a public relations account executive, Emily has represented clients in the yachting, luxury lifestyle, travel, retail, design, event management and entertainment industries. She has successfully placed clients’ stories in local, national and international newspapers and magazines and booked clients on radio and television shows locally and nationally.

Emily has organized numerous special events both for her own boutique event planning company and as a public relations senior account executive. These events have helped to establish positive media relations as well as increased business for many of her clients.

Emily is accustomed to analysing target demographics and breaking information down into understandable bites for the public. She knows how to crystallize messages, and can motivate others to action. She has experience in everything from copy writing to creating and implementing all-inclusive public relations and marketing campaigns and after 15 years of being in the corporate world, Emily opened Mugsy PR in January 2013.

Specialties: Creative marketing and public relations campaigns, social media, writing, event planning, event marketing, editing, publicity, online marketing, social networking

Podcast Notes

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How To Grow Your Business With PR With Emily Taffel

We like to ask all our guest questions that we would like them to answer on our show, here are yours. (These are just a guideline to help start conversation. Feel free to be yourself when answering.)

  1. Hi Emily; It’s wonderful having you on the show. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and what makes you tic?
  2. What is the Value of PR within a business?
  3. Explain what is the role of public relations specialist?
  4. How can a new business owner or entrepreneur get started creating a great PR campaign for their brand?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of appointing a PR consultancy?
  6. What areas of PR or communications do you see growing or being important in the near future?
  7. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realise where to start when it comes to growing their business. How can a business identify their core message?
  8. What sources of media do you follow regularly, and why those ones?
  9. Do you think social media is affective when it comes to building PR for your brand?
  10. What are the best social media practise when it comes to building great PR
  11. Tell us two to three great PR resources, tools and platform that is a must for our business growth.
  12. Emily what are you working on in 2021? And what motivates you?
  13. Thank you so much Emily for being a guest on ‘The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur Podcast Show’. Before you go tell our listeners where they can find out more about your amazing work.


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How To Grow Your Business PR With Emily Taffel | UPCOMING GUEST

How To Grow Your Business PR With Emily Taffel