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How To Grow Your Online Business Using Affiliate Products The Natural Way

Once your site is up and populated with a few articles, you can start adding some affiliate links. But remember, you can’t treat this the same way you might have those micro niche sites that were so popular a few years ago! It takes finesse! Don’t put affiliate links in every single article.

Don’t use banners on your site unless you’re using a PPC ad network for extra income. Banners just don’t work anymore. Instead, you should create posts that are solely meant to promote a particular product, without making it seem like you’re promoting the product.

Basically, this means demonstrating the use of the product in some way without making your post seem like nothing but an ad. For example, let’s say you want to sell some really cool kitchen gadget. You could make a video of yourself preparing some dish that uses the gadget and shows just how cool it really is. (Alternately, you could embed someone else’s video and just talk about how cool it is in your article.)

Then you could provide an affiliate link to the product at the end of your article. Do not use banners or anything like that, because you don’t want to seem too promotional, but at the same time, don’t hide that you’re using an affiliate link, because that’s against Amazon’s terms, and could also upset your visitors.

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I would promote an affiliate product in maybe 1:5 posts or 1:10. I know this seems like you won’t be making much money, but if you’re promoting affiliate links more often than that, people will become blind to them and think you’re all about money rather than user experience. In the long run, you’ll make more money with fewer ads, because more people will visit your site often in anticipation of new content.

Make sure you find the best-of-the-best when it comes to the products you promote. If possible, test each item yourself so you can be sure it really works. An added bonus to testing it yourself is the ability to post your own pictures and/or videos, which will help you seem more authentic in its promotion, thus increasing sales.

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