How To Guarantee Yourself A Job For Life/Part One


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I was doing a radio show just a couple of weeks ago and a question was posed to me which was along the lines of ‘How can someone use their talent to land them a job?

Based on my answer on the show it prompted me to write this little little article. The market place is a vast mind field of ups and down. we have all been there where we worked in a job that felt like we were in a nightmare and some where we felt like we’ve lost all will to live.

And the shocking thing I have noticed is that the market place ‘ain’t‘ getting any easier or better for a matter of fact. Here are few statics that I managed to sauce on problems that are faced by employees at work.

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New to the Workplace

Fitting In

Figuring out how to be part of a new work culture.

Being Heard

It takes time to gain the trust of coworkers to get them on board with your ideas.

Making Mistakes

They happen to everyone at some point.

Time Management

It can be difficult when you’re settling into a new job and adjusting to your new responsibilities.

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Problems with Coworkers


Slackers lower productivity.

Disagreeable Coworkers

They create an unpleasant work situation.

Office Bullies

They cause anxiety and stress. And they often target those they see as a threat.

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Gossipers and Trouble Makers

They can be especially disruptive to the workplace and cause misunderstandings. Be friendly, but act busy and they will get the message that you have better things to do. While this person can serve as your ears to the office grapevine and workplace dynamics, don’t comment or add fuel to their behaviour.

Whiners and Complainers

They tend to see the negative side to everything. This attitude can be harmful to morale. Be empathetic, but put the problem back on them. Ask them what they intend to do about solving it. Complaining may be their attempt to avoid conflict, relieve stress about things they feel they have no control over, or simply to get attention. Do not try to solve their problem for them. Do not turn their complaints into office gossip either.

Saboteurs and Backstabbers

They cause distrust by spreading rumours or withholding important information from those they see as rivals. This can affect your career goals and reputation. Confront them calmly about their behaviour. Do not play their game. When you have a good idea or assisted on a project, tell your supervisor so you get the credit you deserve. If someone is trying to make you look bad, check in regularly with your supervisor on your job performance.

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Workplace Ethics and Integrity Issues

Poor business and workplace ethics can be hazardous to your job security. It can cause people to lose respect for you and follow you for the rest of your career. Stay clear of those who ask you to compromise your integrity. Say “no” to requests that make you feel uncomfortable. Review your employer’s workplace ethics and proper business ethics. In some cases, these issues need to be reported to your supervisor, human resources, or legal representatives.

Getting Along with Your Boss

Problems with a boss are emotionally and physically draining. They can often stem from work style or personality differences. The first step is to figure out what specifically they are doing that is upsetting you. Then ask yourself why. It helps to look at the problem from both your perspective AND your supervisor’s. Next, decide how best to discuss it with them. Avoid blaming, accusing, or venting. Try to use the “we” approach:

“WE seem to be missing deadlines because tasks aren’t started on time. How can WE fix this?”

Offer a solution that will help the both of you meet your goals and look good. If the problem can’t be resolved, contact their supervisor and human resources for assistance.

Dealing with Harassment or Discrimination

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