How To Identify A Need In A Market And Fulfil It With Your Product And Service Offering


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Coming up with a business idea is not as easy as you think. Here are Rachael Academy I spend my time helping clients fine tune their business idea and business plan. And what you think in your head and what you actually have to do are two completely different things.

Hope is not lost, in my latest post my aim is to help you, clear out the confusion and get you clear on your business idea, its’s viability and potential money making growth in the marketplace.

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Maybe you’re feeling a bit inspired.

Perhaps you already have some ideas starting to form in your mind?

Or maybe you’re just feeling defeated. Maybe you’re asking yourself how you could possibly come up with an idea that is good enough to make you money.

How can you possibly compete with the Instagram and Ubers of the world?

This is where we look at how to go about stimulating the formation of incredible ideas and seizing opportunities. Again, there’s nothing I can do to guarantee this will happen for you, but there are so many opportunities that are out there, perhaps the next step is to start asking the right questions…

Let’s take a closer look at where you should be starting when it comes to great startup ideas.

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