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Are you thinking of starting a lucrative business? But not sure what business to start that has the potential to help you quit the 9-5 rat race and start spending more of your time living your dream life. It’s not about reinventing the wheel but adapting the wheel to fit what ever product that it needs to fit. Here on Rachael Academy we just don’t provide you with business ideas just for the sake of it or because that’s what other sites are doing. We provide you with proven business models that work and have been launched successful before, by real people.

We also try and help to speed up the long and difficult startup process, so our business ideas are inexpensive to start and anyone without a school degree can start it. In our last article we talked about how starting a mail ordering business can be a lucrative side hustle or successful home-based business. Today we want to share with you another lucrative never heard before startup idea! Mail Commission Business. I’m guessing that you’ve probably never heard of this startup idea before?

In our latest article our aim is to explain what a mail commission business is, how you can get started in it and how you can turn it into a successful business that has the potential to make you 7 figures a year – ready to get started?

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