How to Make Money Without a Job

Jobs are so 20th century. Welcome to the “gig” economy, where more than 20 million Americans are full-time “freelancers,”

Jobs are so 20th century. Welcome to the “gig” economy, where more than 20 million Americans are full-time “freelancers,” “consultants,” “independent contractors” and other code names for not having a “real” job. The truth is it was bound to happen sooner or latter just a little sooner than we wanted or expected. The Great Recession forced a lot of us into the freelance ranks, even those who had a great job were seriously thinking of getting out and starting out on their own. I was a full time business studies teacher and the recession was a push for me to think about what it was I really wanted to do.

But more than half of “solopreneurs” actively choose the jobless lifestyle No time clocks, no cubicles, and best of all, no bosses.

But Seriously how much money can you make without a traditional job?

Well that depends on you, your skills, experience and the confidence to go all out for self-promotion. We all know that blogging is the new big thing. ” If you didn’t you know now” Its a known fact that there are wildly popular bloggers who are pulling in six figures a month, and it’s not just reserved to blogging it is also happening with vlogging (posting videos on YouTube and other video sites). But the general trend is that freelance workers earn slightly less than their cubicle-bound colleagues – about $15.60 per hour versus $20 per hour, but not far off the mark in my books so good going.

Of the more than 200,000 members of the Freelancers Union — one of America’s fastest-growing labour organisations — 58 percent earn less than $50,000 a year and 29 percent earn less than $25,000, that’s a lot of money for staying in bed.

Even if you won’t get rich as an independent worker, there are plenty of other benefits to going jobless: Endless potential to manage your own dairy everyday leaving time to adapt your work schedule to your family life. You can work or take on different projects instead of doing the same thing day in day out, after day in day out ‘you get my drift’. And, best of all, you call the shots.

But what if the freelance life is still too confining?

What if you want to make money without working at all? Is it possible to keep food on the table and a roof over your head without doing the barest minimum of work? It sounds too good to be true, but let’s explore the options, starting with the simplest of economic transactions: selling stuff.

Selling Your Stuff

Do you own some valuable things stuffed in your basement, attic or just lying around your house? Any habits of collecting things that you just don’t know what to do with them? One of the easiest ways to make money without a job is to sell the things you already own. With Web sites like Craigslist, eBay and Amazon Marketplace, the world is your car boot sale. Trust me it works!!

Of course, to make money in the resale market, you need to offer items that people actually want. I here that Craigslist is a good place, I’ve never used it myself as Craigslist is already crowded with people selling things for under market value. Because you are going to be selling used goods, it’s better that you concentrate on rare finds and collectibles, which are a nice match for an auction site like eBay, where avid collectors go head to head to outbid each other for your item.

Or maybe you’re crafty and like making things in your spare time or for, friends and family. You have a knack for home-made things embroidery or vintage jewellery design. Try Etsy, the online marketplace for make-it-yourself of all types. Remember Etsy charges to list each of your items and keeps 3.5 percent of each sale.

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