How To Make Things Work In Your Business Even With The Lack of Resources


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Don’t let the lack of resources stop you from building that dream business of yours or quitting on the one you’ve got now. There has been many times in my life that I’ve had to come up with some creative way to get the project to the end of the line and even if I had to carry the project myself I would do so.

We think because we lack the resources, help, mentor, friends, money or whatever THING! you feel you need to make that thing happen that we should just give up at the first sign of difficulty or trouble.

Let me tell you, that every good thing that has come my way has happened when I lacked the resources to make it happen. Something beautiful happens when you are face to face with the crossroad of “Should I give up?”

If you choose not to give up at the first sign of trouble and difficulty your subconscious mind kicks in and allows you into the realm of creativity and in this place miracles happen.

If you are at this cross road right now let me share with you some steps that has helped me when I found myself on the path you’re on right now. I’m sure you’ve come to learn that life is no walk in the park but we can choose to take out time to smell the roses once in a while by learning to develop our creative muscles in life.

Be At Peace With It

Sometimes we want to ignore the obvious that we have the lack of resources. We choose to focus on the bad aspect of not having the resources e.g. Why we can’t make it?, No one cares about us,This dream can’t happen, are own personal petty party instead of acknowledging that – “YES I don’t have the resources to make this thing happen right now, but “How can I get the resources to make it happen?”

This kind of question is the key that unlocks our creative mind.

Being at peace with it sets you free from worry and stress and into the realm of your creative mind.

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Make A Plan.

Once we’ve made peace with the situation now is time to make a plan to resolve the problem. Here are a few things we should be asking ourselves.

  • Do I have an alternative resource I can use?
  • Who do I know that can help me find the resources I need?
  • Who do I know, who knows someone who can help me find the resources I need?

Creative thinking is something we are all born with, but because of lack of use of the muscle it’s going to take us a bit of a workout session to get it active and working in perfect form. So be ready that the creative process might take awhile to kick in, but of you are just willing to begin with the process a answer will come to you by the end of the process.

Respect The Process

Things take time, in fact time is of no importance during your creative process. Just relax in the confidence that because you’e begun the creative process that you’ve already started things in motion to work to your aid. This practise is a universal law and will work even if you believe it or not, just respect the process.

Taking Baby Steps

Remember at the begin we got rid of fear and we made peace with our true situation, now we must take action and start to take little baby steps. Just like a baby who’s learning to walk for the first time, so are we learning to fight for something we believe in and we must begin with taking baby steps. The more baby steps we take the more able we’ll become and confident to get the job done.

Life is a series of journeys we take to eventually reach our destination and no matter whatever the outcome, we must take part on the journey. It’s only then we can true appreciate the view and life lessons from the other side and no matter the outcome good or bad, we ultimately become a better individuals for it.

Learning To Pivot

If after everything and we’re still unable to find the resources we need to make things happen, then it might be time to pivot and go in another direction. This does not mean failure only a time for regrouping and taking a re-look at the plan and working out a different root to our business end destination.

You might have to go back to a 9-5 job so you are able to pay the bills, you might have to close down shop. Again this does not mean failure, but a time for rest and recharging. No one has the right manual for success and the proper time it should take for us to get there. We are all uniquely going on our own journey, don’t worry about what the other person is doing, focus on your self-care and you will be just fine.

The time will give us the time to keep thinking creatively and we have the potential to comeback stronger with a clearer goal and plan.

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