How To Maximizes Yourself And Your Business As A Man In The Entrepreneurial World

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After some deliberations with my Mentor we concluded that I am ‘A People and Talent Development Specialist’, how this information was divined and the insightful and esoteric means used to come to this conclusion can be further explored on a one to one basis or in a future work shop if you feel you’d benefit from the specialities of my gifts and vocation in assisting people along their life’s journey. But suffice to say an important life lesson that is of great importance in the discovery of your life’s purpose is the answer on a personal level to the question; What do you want?


The importance of ascertaining a truthful appraisal to this simple enquiry cannot be sufficiently stated, it’s imperative. The greatest impediment I’ve experienced to asking and answering this simple question is indoctrination by certain organisations with agenda’s to hijack your life energy to fulfill their own ends.

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Usually sold to you with the pitch that ‘your life purpose is handed to you externally from a capricious source whose will for your life is likely to be something you won’t like and that in order to fulfill it you’ll have to die to the natural bents and leanings that make up the self. The Self I dare say which was given to you by nature or any creator or whichever version of the above you currently subscribe to that falls in line with your current world view, your values and your most up to  date informed perspective on the universe and your place within it. I’m not here to tell you what to believe; in my experience when I think I know the answer life changes the question.


However you’ll discover if you think it through that what at a core level you want when stripped to its basic raw materials – is in fact – the summation of your Life Purpose and the universe in this regard doesn’t make mistakes. In fact it’s less ethereal than we make it out to be. Because quite clearly you are actually the master of your ship and the orchestrator of your destiny and unless you’re on your own side fighting your own corner why would you genuinely expect anyone God, Human or Robot to drop what they’re doing pick up the pieces of a life you yourself can’t be bothered to lead and seek to live your life for you.


Be wary of those purporting to do so, they’re usually vampirous opportunists who see more value in your life energy than you do and who’ll feed off it till you wake up and smell the coffee and return to the driving seat of your own existence.

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This concept knocks out the problem of competition, because there is none, no one else can be you. It also knocks out the debilitating notion of comparison. There is no comparison. While it’s beneficial to draw inspiration from the accomplishments and achievements of others comparing yourself against others is fruitless because everyone of us needs simply to concentrate on running in our lane in order to lead a fulfilling, accomplished and successful life that reflects the potential within us individually.


And the key word here is potential; exclusively we should compare ourselves only against our own potential. When we do otherwise we are usually procrastinating afraid to face up to what we really have to work with against the charade of either feeling inferior or superior to others in their field minding their own business.

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This mature perspective deals with the problem of exploitation and any perceived need to step on others to get ahead. It also gives a clue to the dignity and divinity we all carry as eternal personalities interacting as physical beings on this plane. We now can genuinely serve each other and celebrate the successes of our contemporaries and travel along our journey with others living out their unique contribution.


Any attempt at leadership that doesn’t place the dignity of divinity with the rights to autonomous decision making and a genuine passion for us as individuals to succeed at our unique life mission at its core is not worth subscribing to. It invariably has an agenda however well packaged to exploit us as oppose to empowering us and should be sedulously avoided.

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If we aspire to leadership the core tenets of which is simply to influence others, the greatest way to begin is to invest in yourself, be the star in your own movie, and your greatest fan and investor. This will not only attract the investment of others it also gives you the emotional security to genuinely invest in others because there will be no hidden agendas of comparison or competition and others will sense on an unconscious level that you have their best interests at heart and will be much more inclined to go on the journey with you. It’s not about having followers, I’m not advocating sheep; I’m talking here when I say who’s going with you about the concept of fellow travelers. Some will be with you throughout your journey, others for only part of it.


And that’s okay the important thing here though is that in accompanying you or not as the case may be no one is being cajoled or manipulated into being something they are not. The most beautiful thing about any human being is there authentic essence expressed without fear of judgment.


This article was written by Omar Z. Phillips founder of the theIdeaofaman

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