How To Own Your Own Personal Story In The Face Of Adversity With Chris Greenfield

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The Breaking Boundaries Mindset Coach and Speaker Chris Greenfield

Coaches Personal Individual and groups to help Eliminate Self Limited Beliefs And help Break Your Emotional Boundaries.


Thank you Chris for taking out the time to join me on The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs.


  1. Sum up Chris using three words, (Why those three words?)

Unstoppable, Passionate and Connected – Unstoppable because nothing can get in my way, and I can always get through whatever is given to me when it comes to an obstacle. Passionate, my little girl is my true passion, I do everything to make sure she gets everything she needs. Connected – because I am truly abundant, and I am very spiritual and have a belief of the higher world.


  1. What inspires you?

People winning on a daily basis for their kids. I wish for people with what I currently don’t have, as I believe having children and really giving them everything they deserve is what matters. I didn’t particularly have a great childhood but I wish for others children to really experience the best.


  1. Breakthrough for many people always seems to be round the corner, how can we guarantee that breakthrough comes knocking at our door?

By facing in to the fear of what you are looking to breakthrough with. Many people are living in scarcity and I find they don’t understand how they think or feel due to the blueprint from experiences in their life from when they were younger or something that has become a traumatic experience. But it is fundamental to release and to face in to with guidance and knowing that you are safe and you will overcome these experiences.


  1. Are there any tools or books that have really helped you on your journey?

My journey started off in network marketing, so it was GoPro by Eric Worre, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


  1. So What does a normal day like look for you?

A normal day is up at 5.30 – I do my intentions for the day, affirmations, gratitude’s, write in my journal, set my intentions for the day, get in to a meditation, and then I am off to the gym by 9am before I start any form of work.


  1. When working with clients what is the number one thing that you find many struggle with when it comes to break through in life and business?

It’s not knowing the outcome and the target market they want to go in to, most people start a business and they dont understand what outcome they want or desire to change for people.


  1. I work with so many different kinds of entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the things I find with some of them is breaking old minds sets and habits. What would you do the help them break limiting believe; say to do with money and wealth?

It’s funny, I struggled with this for a long time personally, money was never a strong point at school or after… so I never really had any whilst growing up. I always say that money is energy, it will always flow to us and through us if we allow it to come, but we have to always put in the small steps to make it happen.


  1. What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my own private VIP club which is a monthly paid group on facebook, this is for mindset and business tips ranging all online and working with network marketers and struggling marketers who want more engagement and to be seen so they can become an influence in their own circles and teams. So I am constantly writing and putting in content for those members who will truly benefit.

I also have a chapter in a book which I am submitting; I also have regular contribution within a magazine for Yes You Can Inspired To Achieve in London – which has over 60 speakers over two days.

I am also working on a 10 part webinar coaching series with Galia Yakimova for 10 people.

I also have a new network marketing business in the health and wellness industry.


9.Your business goals and aspirations for 2018 –

Since we are halfway through – my goal is to be at 6 figures by November, I am already speaking in front of 5000 over two days with the Yes You Can Inspired To Achieve Event in London as I am also co-hosting as well as interviewing many of the top speakers. I also look to travel a lot too. That’s always been a dream of mine, to be able to travel.


  1. How can the audience find out more about you and your work?


Get to know Chris 

My free to join Mindset Hacker group – “Take Your Power Back”

Personal Profile:

Instagram: @chrismgreenfield

Twitter: @BBDSmindset




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