How To Sell Your Book on Amazon Kindle in 10 Easy Steps

After writing over 100 e-books, published 3 and co-authored one hard copy books, by the way which are available on Amazon and other online book stores, I think it’s about high time I write an article like this one. The publishing industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Even with all the recent news about digital books taking over physical books.

I still find myself along with many others heading to Amazon with our hard earn cash in hand investing yet again in our latest monthly fix of books to lavish on at the weekend.

But we can’t ignore that the digital market space is also rapidly growing and shows continual growth patterns especially within certain niche groups, that it would be foolish enough not to join in the fruits of it’s growth.










Amazon Kindle I’m sure this is not the fist time you’ve heard of this? If by chance it is let me explain further. Amazon Kindle is a popular electronic device that is rapidly increasing in popularity. In fact, only a few years after its release, Amazon was finding it difficult to keep up with orders. If you are an author, whether you write for fun or for money, you can take the Kindle popularity and capitalise on it for yourself. You can do this by writing and selling an Amazon Kindle book.


So, what do you do, and how do you go about it?

1 – Write an E-book Outline

This is your brainstorming session. Decide on a category. What type of book do you want to write? Do you want to compose a how-to guide or express your creativity with drama, horror, or romance? Regardless, start planning your outline. For creative books, you may want to avoid an outline and just write from the heart. That is fine, but for how-to guides, an outline can be beneficial.

2 – Write an E-book

When writing the e-book, consult your outline. With an outline, you are less likely to experience writer’s block. This means you can write your e-book quicker. As for writing, compose your document in Microsoft Word. They have a helpful grammar and spell check programs. Start with the introduction, move on to the chapters, and end with the conclusion.

When writing your e-book, don’t focus on length. Just tell your story or explain the how-to process. Readers don’t want to be bombarded with fluff. E-books have varying lengths. Don’t believe yours has to have the same word count or page numbers as a best selling novel.

3 – Proofread the E-book

Even if you composed your book in Microsoft Word, proofread and edit. Spell check and grammar check programs are nice, but they are not 100% guaranteed. If you have a trusted friend or relative, ask them to proofread and analyze your book.

4 – Create an Amazon Account

To sell an Amazon Kindle book in the store, you need to have a free account. If you already have one, skip this step.


 5 – Get Ready to Self-Publish

To self-publish your Amazon Kindle e-book, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a link titled “Self-Publish with Us.” Click on the link and visit the Kindle section.

6 – Go to Your Dashboard

While on the digital text platform, go to your dashboard. Here, you click on the link to add a new item. This gets the process started. If you aren’t already logged into your Amazon account, do it now.

7 – Enter Product Details

You will be prompted to enter in product details. Just fill out the form. Enter the title for your book, your name as the author, and complete the description. This description is very important. Provide many details. Prospective buyers will see it. This is your opportunity to sell your e-book.

8 – Upload

The next step is to upload your e-book to the digital text platform. Browse your computer to find the right file. It will then be converted into digital text. This is the only format compatible with the Amazon Kindle.

9 – Preview and Make Changes

After uploading and converting your Microsoft Word document to digital text, you can bypass the preview options, but don’t. Although rare, it is not uncommon for formatting issues to arise. Preview the document and make any necessary changes.

10 – Set Selling Price

Amazon enables you to set your own selling price for your Kindle book. Use your best judgment. How-to e-books are often shorter in length, so they should cost less. If you are first-time author, consumers will automatically expect to pay less. Don’t undersell yourself, but don’t set too high of a price. To profit from an Amazon Kindle book, a fair selling price is required. Note those words again as I always say do your research

As you can see, writing and selling an e-book on Amazon Kindle is a relatively easy process. Not only is it easy to do, but potentially for make money too. You can sit back and wait for sales or start your own marketing campaign. By driving traffic to your Amazon sales page, you will generate interest if you do it this way and this should increase your sales.


Thanks for taking out the time to ready my latest post. Why don’t you join me on my journey of building an awesome business and life? Get a sneak preview of what’s going on behind the scenes with me here


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