How To Stand Out!

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So we’re talking about that word?? Have you guessed it? ‘Marketing’. A lot of us business owners and entrepreneurs, if we are honest don’t like marketing, let alone marketing our business.

Well I’ve come to see it like this! I’m not marketing I’m showcasing and extending out my personality and character for others who would like to shake my hand and get to know me.

You wouldn’t believe that I used to be a very shy person? Yes I did, but I think as you get older the thing that was important to me in my teens are not so much of an interest to me, that being said, it has been noted that talking in front of a crowd of people is one of most people’s biggest fear.

But we must start somewhere and I do believe that social media platforms like – Instagram is the best place to start.

Don’t forget you can come and check me out on my YouTube channel as well ( Rachael Academy) have an awesome day.

Much love.

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