How To Start A Bed And Breakfast Business And Save Up For Your Retirement


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Who said because you’re thinking of retirement that you can’t also keep making money on the side? And our business startup idea is right up your street for doing just that. There’s an exciting new “down-home” kind of business springing up among homeowners all across the country. It’s called Bed and Breakfast.

Basically, this is a transplant of European Hospitality that has been going for many years and the internet has made this business idea a very successful business to start at any age. With the help of companies like Air BnB and other countries taking on the concept of bed and breakfast and adapting and refining it to the American or their way of doing things. To foreign visitors, it’s the comfort and hospitality of home-staying overnight “with people of the land” and enjoying a hearty breakfast—without the traditional gaudiness and plastic feelings visitors get from most big cities in the United States. To U.S. citizens, it is a welcome alternative to the same old hotel/motel circuit.

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picture credit of the moor hotel. 

There are so many inspirations out there of successful bed and breakfast businesses that has been setup from around the world, you just have to go and visit Air BnB Instagram page and you will be taken into the dream world where reality are becoming everyday happenings in many lives. Here is an example of a successful bed and breakfast business that has been featured on Air BnB.

The Moor Hotel In New Orleans 

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picture credit of the moor hotel. 

Much like the Moorish people, New Orleans is a mix of many cultures and subcultures that all come together to create one of America’s greatest cities.

The Moor is our first iteration, an homage to the futurism of otherness, foreignness, and history-making meeting a radical imagination.

Located on the historic Canal Street, the property has 4 suites and features wood tones, Moroccan patterns, historic relics and statement art that give the space depth and helps us tell a story worth learning.

We now welcome you to THE MOOR.


Now, all it takes is a spare bedroom, a good cook ad an outgoing personality. Prices per night range from a low $25 to $100 or more.

If you have an extra bedroom, a large home, or extra space in your farm house, you have the necessary beginnings to start making extra income as a Bed and Breakfast Inn. One of the beautiful aspects of this idea is that so long as you’re hosting “overnight visitors” on a small scale no licenses will be required. It’s always best, however to check with your local authorities just to be sure. Naturally, your “visitors” will expect a clean, neat and comfortable home. So assuming that your home meets these prerequisites, and you have a spare bedroom, simply ‘doll it up” a bit. Make sure it’s painted brightly, there’s an outside window, lots of room, closet space and bureau, and perhaps a small writing desk, and a large comfortable bed, or twin beds.

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