How To Start A Lucrative Paper Recycling Business Or As Your Side Hustle


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What do you do with the old newspapers after you’ve read them? Nothing I’m guessing. Did you know that you may be missing out on a very lucrative business idea? Well you are. The clean or cleaning of the environment around us is big news nowadays which also means a great opportunity for starting a great business.

One of the easiest (and best) ways of making extra money is by using or starting something that is easy to get your hands on and collecting old newspapers and selling them to a “recycling plant” in your area or further afield is a great way to start an inexpensive business.

Just look around your own home–in the garage or the basement. What do you do with the old newspapers after you’ve read them? Most likely they are piled up in a corner of the garage or basement until one of your kids asks if he can haul them off for the school or cub scout paper drive. Or maybe your wife and kids get ambitious some weekend, clean out the garage and haul all those newspapers off to the collection truck at the local shopping center.

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Could it be true that selling stacks of newspapers you’ve accumulated during the past couple of months or so can make you rich, or could really amount to a great extra income? If you’re looking for a hot market and a great niche to start a business where there is a huge amount of unheard potential? Then read on.

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