How To Start Your Own Etsy Business In 2020 And Great Effective Ways To Market It


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Hello my lovely welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy Podcast. I do hope my latest offering finds you well. Never before has there been a better time in history to start your own business online and the focus here is clearly on the word ‘ONLINE’. I joined the revolution 14 years ago and I’m so glad I made the leap.

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Namecheap was founded all the way back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall.

Over the past 18 years, they’ve reportedly racked up three million customers.

So what’s the deal with Namecheap?

Have they been able to replicate their domain name success in a new arena? Or are they simply trading on their name alone?

Not to sound like a know it all….just to stress the point that it doesn’t matter how late you’re coming into the game just make sure you enter it.

The online world offers us so many opportunities and possibilities to write our own financial destiny. One great and lucrative business you can start is to launch a crafting business on the highly successful craft platform etsy. Etsy has been going for many years now.

There are many creatives across the globe making a great income putting their skills to work/ In my latest podcast I share some great tips to think on when wanting to run an etsy platform. This podcast is also great for those who have already taken the leap into entrepreneurship and have launched their etsy business.

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