How To Start a Business With Absolutely No Experience


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Now is the perfect time to start a business. There are plenty of opportunities out there, which is contrary to popular belief. Starting a business may seem a little intimidating but it depends on the way you go about it. Since business is a term we are all very familiar with, it can be easier to set one up than one thinks.

Many people have dreams of having their own business for many reasons. They want to make money and make something of themselves. Others want something to supplement their income. Whatever the reason you want to start a business, always begin doing it the right way, and keep running it with good intentions.

One popular belief is that you need tons of experience, expertise, and knowledge to start a business. The opposite is true. While it helps to go to school and learn the tricks of the trade, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot start a business because you do not have a degree. The important things to remember are, you need to research, ask the right questions, and get the best advice you can.

What are the right questions to ask before getting started? In our FREE eCourse ‘How To Starting a Business With Absolutely No Experience – eCourse’ we’ve put together ten questions to ask to get you started.


Of course there will be many more as you go, but at least you have something to start with.

  1. First, you should ask yourself – How Do You Start A Business Without Experience?
  2. Second – What Are Some Things You Need To Do To Get Started?
  3. Third question is –  What Are The Legal Matters You Must Know In Order To Get Started?
  4. Fourth –  What Do You Need To Know About Your Target Audience?
  5. Five is – How Do You Commit Yourself To A Market Solution, Not Just A Small Idea?
  6. Number six is –  How Do You Choose Your Industry Wisely?
  7. Seven – Asks How Do You Build Street Credibility (also what is it)?
  8. Eight is – What Free Resources Can You Rely On?
  9. Nine is – When Will You Know You Need To Seek Outside Help?
  10. Number ten is – How Do You Put Your Strengths To Work?


In our latest FREE online eCourse we go more into detail with these questions.


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Rachael is the CEO and Founder of Rachael Academy. Having been in the business industry for over 14 years, Rachael brings with her a wealth of Knowledge in the field of Branding, Marketing, Startup, Social Media, Business Growth, International Trade, Book Publishing and so much more. She was named Entrepreneur of the year by Huffpost in 2016.



How do you start a business without experience?

Think about what you already know about business. Use your work experience as a guide. Maybe there are things you have witnessed or realized that was not part of your daily tasks which you can use for your business. For instance, have you ever listened to what others are saying while you are at the office? Whether you listen to coworkers or supervisors talking at work, there is most likely some bits about doing business that you have picked up on.

You may not even be aware of some things you learned about doing business. Maybe you have heard complaints about what went wrong in the workplace – something you may have a solution for. Or maybe you heard someone say, “I wish ‘it’ can be done this way”; even though “it” can be done their way, they may have been told they weren’t allowed to.

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What are some things you need to do to get started?

Research is the most important thing to do. First, ask the right questions. This is all part of the research process. You may research questions you need to have answers for if you do not know what questions to ask. It is okay to search on Google or Bing and quickly search for important questions to ask when starting a business.

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