How to Write a Great Resume Statement


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There are two schools of thought when it comes to how to write a resume statement. One is that you should never include a statement on your resume. The other is that you always should so that potential employers know what to expect from you as a job applicant. Whether or not you choose to include a statement on your resume, it is essential that you know how to write a resume statement.

Some people call a resume statement an objective statement. It is really the same thing. A statement on a resume is basically a sentence or two that tells what you want to achieve in your career and why. It has to be brief and it has to get to the point really quickly. You cannot ramble on which makes it very important to know how to write a resume statement that will get a potential employer’s attention and show them that you are the right person for this job.

What do you need to include in a resume statement? Like we said, it has to be brief, so write what is close to your heart when it comes to expressing your career goals. Here are a couple of examples:

For a teaching job:

I look for a position within a school system that will allow me to express my passion for teaching to my students and make them lifelong learners.

For a sales job:

I want to fully utilise my persuasive personality to bring new business into a company and make them as successful as I know I can be.

For a secretarial job:

I want to bring my knowledge of office systems and procedures into a company that can fully appreciate my talents and move up within the company as I become more proficient at the skills that are required of me.

Knowing how to write a resume statement can really make a difference in whether or not you get called back for an interview. The ones given above are meant to be just guidelines. You must tailor your resume statement to fit what you really and truly want to achieve in the position you are applying for and you want to make it sound passionate without being too “sappy”.

When learning how to write a resume statement, just remember to speak from the heart and remember exactly why you want this job. Then put it into words. Use words that will truly express all you feel about this job and then let your potential employer feel it too. After that, just wait for that interview call!

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