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Sales letters have been an integral part of the business/customer relationship for as long as printing presses and the postal service have existed. The invention of the Internet hasn’t changed that, except that there is now a better, faster, cheaper way to connect with customers – via email.

Unfortunately, there are those who have taken adverse advantage of this wonderful communication technology, and this has made it harder for those of us who are legitimately trying to do business through email. These people are spammers and all-around crooks who try to take advantage of innocent people.

As Internet Marketers, we have had to work hard to overcome those issues, and to get our customers and prospective customers to allow us to send them email – without offending or angering them. We now are able to do that, however like most things there is a right way and a wrong way to get this job done.

Internet Marketers do business online. Otherwise, the word ‘Internet’ would not be in their title. Close your eyes and picture a business district in your town. You are driving down the road, and you see the various businesses on that road.

Now, for just another minute, imagine that there are 11.5 billion businesses on that road. How would you ever find what you were looking for?

This is the problem that Internet Marketers face because there are over 11.5 billion websites in existence. Yes, we have search engines that can help our customers find us, but they won’t just index our pages – they index most of those 11.5 billion websites. So, unless you are one of the ten luckiest people for your keywords, you probably won’t be found in the search engines.

Think about that for just a second. If there were 11.5 billion businesses listed in your local yellow pages, and your business was one of them, how often would you be found, if the name of your business did not start with the number ‘1’ in it’s title? You may never be found.

Furthermore, with all of the websites out there to visit, what is it that is going to bring visitors back to your site over and over again? You either have to be incredibly special – or you need another way to keep in contact with those potential customers.

That’s why email communication with customers and potential customers is so vital. Email allows us, as Internet Marketers, the ability to overcome the overwhelming number of web pages that exist, and to get in touch with customers.

Unfortunately, our problems don’t end there. Remember that there are those who have made our work harder by taking advantage of email in a negative way. There is more to being successful with email than just sending an email.

First, you must have the proper tools to collect email address.

Second, you must have the proper tools to send email to everyone on the list that you have built in a short amount of time. You must write your email in such a way that it isn’t caught by spam filters. Then, you must get people to open the email, to read your message, and to take action. It isn’t as easy at is sounds by anyone’s standards.

The Internet has not been around very long – just over twenty years. But in that time, there are those who have pioneered this vast – endless – frontier, and they have taken the time and put forth the effort to learn methods that work. A great deal of research has been done in the area of email marketing, and all of the time and effort put forth is something that you can benefit from today.

Email offers yet another quandary. You see, when you send a sales letter through the postal mail, you could include business cards, brochures, and additional sales materials. But with email, you are essentially limited to text. It is true that you can send out HTML emails, but many people block HTML emails, and only accept text. Therefore, when it comes to sales letters, you really need to stick to text.

This means that you can’t use pictures. Spam filters will block you if you start using bold or coloured text with larger fonts, so that is out as well. Again, you are limited to plain text. It isn’t pretty. It doesn’t necessarily catch the eye, and it makes it harder to get your prospects attention.

With that said, however, it can be done. There are Internet Marketers who do it everyday, and have a healthy bank balance to show for it. It’s all a question of having the right tools, and knowing exactly how to write that email. Knowing when to send it also matters.

This How To Write Successful Emails For Your Business eCourse is designed to teach you the basics of constructing your email in a way that not only gets the email opened and read, but also a way that gets your prospect to take the action that you want them to take.

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn

Module 1- The Tools You Need
Module 2- The Construction Of An Email
Module 3- The Subject Line Piques The Interest
Module 4- Greeting Your Reader
Module 5- The Body of the Email Sales Letter
Module 6- Closing The Email Sales Letter
Module 7- A Few More Tips

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