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Once the new features on social media platforms get announced, businesses using social media often try to determine the cost and the benefits of using particular features for their business. They need to decide whether the cost of learning how to use a new feature will be worth it, and whether or not it would translate into extra engagement and sales.

The Instagram Guides feature is a new way to share information and recommendations with your followers. Effectively, when creating a Guide, you are creating a blog post that is comprised of other Instagram Posts but is built into the Instagram platform.

Growth can look different for different businesses. The goals of growth depend on the aims of the brand and the purpose of the content strategy is. When trying to grow your brand, it is important to set tangible goals. This will ensure that you are on track and posting effectively. It is not enough to simply post; you must post effectively.

Growth on Instagram can look like many things. One of the most common growth metrics is follower growth. So, perhaps you want to increase your overall follower count. When doing this, you need to remember the difference between the number of followers, and engaged followers. What this means is ensuring that your followers actually care about your business and interact with your content—uses Guides effectively is a great way to target interested users.

Growth with Instagram Guides is similar to growth in other areas and post types. The principles and basic theoretical understandings of growth are the same. There are three types of Instagram Guides: places, products, and posts.

In The Instagram Marketing Masterclass you’re going to learn how to grow your business presence with Instagram Guides the right way in the quickest possible time.

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn

Module 1- Set the Rules And Stand Out

Module 2- Promoting Your Content

Module 3- Expert Branding

Module 4- Depth To Your Posts

Module 5- Collaboration

Module 6- Conclusion

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