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Here are Rachael Academy, we’ve shared some amazing startup business to get into. We’ve worked some amazing clients helping them start their own amazing businesses. after you’ve done this for a while, you tend to develop your favourite business to go into. One of mine is ‘Mail Ordering’.

I haven’t come across many people wanting to get into this line of business, but I believe that there is a huge potential for a business like this if you know what you are doing that is. My first business when venturing into the world of entrepreneurship was actually a fashion business. It was an online boutique and I was planning to established a mail order arm of the business as well.  If your math’s are done right an mail order business could be right up your street for a great startup idea to get into.

The intent of this article is to give the newcomer or those that might have already started a mail ordering business to an overview of  laws and regulations that most affect a small mail order operator. The intent is not to give you any legal advice. Such advice should always be sought from an account or attorney. Only those laws and regulations that apply to a small order operator directly are covered. Advice is given from the perspective of an example of an operator of a mail order business rather than from a legal perspective.

For those interested in an in-depth review of the laws which affect the mail order industry, it is recommended that you read the following book:

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