My £300 Weekend Office Decoration Challenge!

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It has finally begun,  the long love affair with entering into the world of refurbishment of my new offices and studio I moved into just over 8 months ago.

I took ownership of the keys 8 months ago to my own offices and studio. It was a day to remember let me tell you. I couldn’t really believe it, I had to tell my husband to keep pinching me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


You see it has been a 5 year dream of mine to eventually leave my home office and find  a creative space for all those ideas of mine that had been mulling around in my brain for years. I believe in hard work, putting your head down, rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it, but I also believe in the law of attraction that if you believe that dreams can come true , they eventually will for you.


I had managed to put some money away and borrowed the remainder from my wonderful partner to secure a creative space I could call my own. One day I will have to seat down with you over a cup of chocolate to tell you the background story to why I’m so over the moon with the chance to finally have the keys in my hands to my new premises.


But the journey had only begun, I have covered some of that journey in recent posts on here. The whole family and friends came out to help reap down wallpaper, some even using a paint brush for the first time, to get the place somewhat decent so I could start furnishing.


My budget has been very limited from the start but I make it work. Even with my limited budget I still want the space to be a creative and professional space to welcome guest and clients into. To use for my YouTube videos and podcast live’s and to very soon well guest for The Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur.


For those who no me and no me well know I’m a real expert when it comes to finding bargains. So my challenge for the month of may if I except!  is to furnish one of the larger rooms in my studio, by the way wish is going to be my office and creative space with just £300.


Now that includes:-


1.  A wallpaper feature wall.
2. Office desk X3
3. Office chairs X6
4. Shelves X2
5. Storage boxes as much as I can get my hands.
6. Office accessories, like books, pens, post-it notes, all that kind of stuff.
7. A rug
8. Pictures to mount on the wall, to make the place look homely.


As I’m a big lover of vintage and old school It looks like I’m going to be hitting my old school junk shops for some bargains.

I do need your help however. Which one of these 5 office styles should I go for? My aim is to create a professional, while yet stylish Deco.

I appreciate your help 

I will be vlogging the journey so I’ll keep you posted.



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Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor


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