My 7 Fantastic Ways To Build Recognition With Your Business Brand


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Building recognition can be a difficult task in the branding process. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning or middle of your business journey getting your name out there is by no means an easy task to take on. There are many ways that you can build recognition. However, the best place to start would be from within the organization and work your way out to the customers and the competitors.

Let’s look at your company overview.

Corporate Overview

All companies need to write a brief paragraph about the company. Give an overview of the business, how you got started, and what makes you thrive today. The overview should be positive and encouraging. It should also make consumers think you are an excellent place to buy from.

Maybe you donate half of your proceed to a non-profit organization helping cancer. If so, then you would want to let people know here. A corporate overview is read often by most people when it is available. An overview should be included on websites, brochures, press releases, and more.

What is Your Personality?

Your personality has a lot to do with your brand. You should make sure that your personality doesn’t overpower your brand too much with the company. For example, if an advertisement or company logo would look excellent in the color yellow but you hate the color yellow then maybe you need to do a check on your personality and how it is interfering with the company brand.

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It is very wise for many companies to hire a brand manager so there are not problems with personalities conflicting with a brand. The image of the company needs to be based on what looks good for the company, what is attractive to the customers, and what will sell. Your personality should not mix into the brand.

Some people say that you are your brand and your personality should shine with your brand. However, there is a fine line here with this theory. A branding manager is the best option because this person can help with image and they will have a biased point of view and they will act as a cop with the brand not allowing any personalities to interfere.


When you are creating a brand then you need to be consistent. Consistency should take place in everything that you do. Remember, brand is your image and if you are not consistent it will not have a good impact on the consumers. The primary question that you should as yourself is if you deliver everything you promise to your customers. The answer here should always be a yes. Delivery should be consistent at all times.

Once you have determined your mission, vision, audience, and separation from the competitors you can begin to establish your brand. There are many things that you need to do to establish your brand so people will begin to remember your name. These things include getting inside of the customer’s mind, get endorsements, find hot prospects, and use the public relations firms to your advantage. These few things will go a long way when making an effort to establish yourself among the competition an in the market.

Establishing a Place Inside of the Customer’s Mind

One of your biggest goals in the branding process is establishing a place inside of the customer’s mind. At this point, you have a good idea who your audience is supposed to be. You know what their income level is, their age, and possibly geographical details. This information is relevant in establishing an actual audience.

Your goal is to prove to the customer they have a need for your product or your service. The customer needs to find a reason why they need you. The branding techniques will tell the customer that your product resolves a problem they may have, fulfills a need they have, and makes their life much better if they purchase it. There has to be a reason to purchase the product and a positive aspect of why it is the best option to use it.

When you get inside of the customer’s head the customer will believe they absolutely have to have the product. As you see many infomercials talk about how someone will become rich if they use a product or how their health will be better you need to establish the benefit of the customer so you can make them truly believe that their life will be much better when they use your product.

This also means that you have to build trust and credibility with the customers. Many products do a fantastic job of proving to the customer why a product or service is beneficial and needed. However, they fail to establish credibility or trust with the consumers. Your reputation is not at stake but it is questioned at this point so you need to provide proof that you are going to deliver the promises you are making to the customer.

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The public and consumers listen to public figures. When you have the ability to get an endorsement on a product then you need to take advantage of it. However, you cannot wait for an endorsement to come to you. Your public relations manager may need to contact some of these figures to see if they are interested in endorsing a product. One thing to keep in mind is that endorsements may cost quite a bit of money if you are trying to get a public figure to back your product.

There are many ways to get endorsements. You may attend events where a public figure is going to be. This includes getting back stage at concerts or shows where you can have access to the person. You also can call their managers and talk to them about endorsing a product.

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One thing to keep in mind about endorsements is that you need to find a figure that matches the audience also. If your target audience is teenagers then you want to find an endorsement that the teenagers know and trust. Someone that the teenagers think is hip and would want to buy the product when they find out the person uses it too. The last thing you would want to do is get an endorsement on your product by an older individual who is well known and respected by an older audience that the teenager audience has never heard of. This would be a waste of money and time on your part.

Hot Prospects

As a marketer, when branding your business or product you need to be on the lookout for hot prospects and opportunities at all times. These need to be taken advantage of when you can. It is important to use every opportunity to get your product exposure in the right methods. These methods may be trade shows or other public events.

When you attend trade shows and other events the goal is to look and be professional. If you just have a table set up with a few products on it then customers may not take you seriously. Attending events like this require professional flyers, banners, signs, and other things to get the attention of attendees. It is important to look prepared and professional.

The more events you attend the more your name gets out there. When you create banners and signs you may find a situation where someone would like to display your banner or sign. Do not charge someone for this. This is a benefit for you because it is free advertising, minus the cost of the banner. It will give you exposure and help you with the branding of your business and product.

Hot prospects need to reach out to the targeted audience for your product or service. Do not attend events that your audience is not going to be at. If there is no way that an elderly crowd will be interested in what you are offering then you are only wasting your time to make a big presentation to them at a trade show. Know who the audience is going to be at the public prospects for gaining exposure.

Using Public Relations Pros to Your Advantage

Media attention needs to be used to your advantage. There are many ways to do this. One thing to keep in mind is that your product and your brand do not have to be fully established yet to gain the attention of the media. What is important is that you use the media to help you get established.

The media can be used in many ways. Press releases are one of the best things you can do to get the exposure you are looking for and help you create a place in the industry of the business.

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A press release is usually used for announcing grand openings for new businesses, new product launches, big sales and events, or anything else new that is happening within a company.

The elements of a press release should include the event itself, why people will benefit going to it, the location, date, and time of the event. If you don’t tell people where to go it will do you no good. You should also provide your company contact information in case the media wants to call you to get an interview or even write a story on the company. Customers may have questions. Without contact information it could cost you a lot of business. Also, always include your website address in a press release so people can go to your site and learn more about who you are.

Press releases are sent out to as many media outlets as you can send them to for the targeted audiences you are trying to reach out to. These media outlets include news stations, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and more. When a media outlet receives a press release they may do a few things. They may immediately respond and use it for the next big story that hit the press and tell the public all about it. They may put it aside for when they are waiting for a slow period and then use it as a story or they will do nothing at all.

Sending out press releases doesn’t cost a business anything. It is cheap and you do not need to worry about cost. It never hurts to send out press releases even if the media is not interested. The point is that you have to at least try to use public relations to your benefit. It may be that one event or announcement you have about your business that is used by the press. That one small bit of exposure could go a long way for you.

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