My Favorite Ten Tech Tools For Busy Business Owners


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Yesterday as I was scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook, I came across a picture of four lovely ladies manually operating an old school phone switchboard.

It made me think how far technology has come just in the last few years, let alone decades!

It must have been so different to run a business without computers, emails, calendar notifications, accounting software or without customer database management systems, all things we take for granted now!

I feel incredibly lucky to have so many tech tools available every day that help you to simplify and automate the way you run your business. There is a lot less time wasted on doing repetitive manual tasks thanks to technology. And if you are smart about the tools you’re using, you’ll get closer and closer to having your business run without you with every smart app, tool and system you integrate into your business.

The best thing is that today’s tools to track, measure and automate are no longer expensive custom made software only affordable to big corporate, they’re readily available to every small business owner!

I’ve asked our team here at Basic Bananas about their favorite apps, tools and systems they swear by so I can share the top ten tools with you here! I trust you enjoy!

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