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The Entrepreneur’s Success Manual ‘Building Wealth The Smart Way’

We all want a better life and we all go in the pursuit of it in whatever capacity we can. What if you were given the opportunity to have the access to knowledge that you knew would change your life forever? Would you do whatever it took for you to get your hands on that knowledge? Sadly the answer to that question for some will be no. And that is ok there is nothing wrong with that. The beautiful thing about life is that we all have our free will to choose whatever direction we want to take for our lives. I’m not here telling you that the pages in this book is a must for you and you have to do whatever I say in it, but I would like to offer you some thoughts of mine and some things that have helped me along the way on my journey these 13 years of becoming a business woman and building what I would class as successful businesses in their own rights.






Affiliate Marketing For Women 

Learn How To start A Business On A Shoe Sting Budget From Home.


Thriving businesses hire advertising companies to advertise for them, it’s probably better than getting your employees physically out on the street advertising your products and services for you, as that will be a difficult one to pull off on your job description when hiring staff. Advertising in of itself is a business, and you might think that this kind of business is great for making money and you are right, it does make a lot of money. Businesses pay big money to advertise their product. Affiliate marketing can be such a great business, especially for people who are considering starting an online business from home or individuals who don’t know really where to start on the huge and growing online world.   






The Art Of Successful Living The Journey of Fighting For Your Life 


Success is in the blood. There are men and women whom fate can never keep down they march forward in a jaunty manner, and take by divine right the best of everything that the earth affords them. But their success is not attained by means of share chance. They do not lie in wait, nor scheme, nor fawn, nor seek to adapt their sails to catch the breeze of popular favour. Instead, they are ever alert and alive to any good that may come their way, and when it comes they simply appropriate it, and tarrying not, move steadily onwards. For years my wife and I have been involved in helping people from a variety of backgrounds along their individual spiritual paths, our hearts have always throbbed with a passion to see people become the 





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