No Money Down Business Startup Ideas You Should Be Starting Right Now


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In this financial climate many of us are worrying what’s going to happen next. In the last few months what was normal has been turned upside down and many of us have been hit with crises like, loosing love ones, being made redundant. And having to look in to plan B’s C’s and D’s much more quicker than we ever thought.

I’ve been working from home for the past 15 years now and I’ve running Rachael academy for 4. My aim and desire here at Rachael Academy is to provide you with useful, practical and action driven content that will help you make, money online, build a second income and take your life into your own hands. And lessons you can learn and implement right away.

So in today’s post I would like to touch on great home-based businesses you could do from home. Since all over the world and here in the UK we’re all on lockdown, what better time to start your own successful side hustle to help sustain your 9-5 income and maybe help you leave the 9-5 rat race and start a whole new way of life by working from home.

Since starting Rachael Academy I’ve developed and stumbled upon systems that help me generate residual income by following simple formulas and  processes done once but brings me income over and over again fro my efforts.

There are literally hundreds of free home based business opportunity listings on the Internet – some legitimate, some not. While it’s not necessarily the case that there is no cost involved, they are offered as a free home based business opportunity because there is no upfront fee to be paid to the firm offering the opportunity.

This doesn’t necessarily make them legitimate home based business opportunities just because they’re free, nor does not being free indicate that a home based business opportunity is not legitimate. In fact, if someone wishes to start his or her own home business and build their own creative idea into a successful venture it will cost money to start.

One of the best ways to get started for free in a home based business opportunity is to start small as an online merchant at one of the major auction sites like Amazon, eBay, Esty, Shopify and many more. Let’s take a closer look on how you should get started in creating your first home-based business.

The first step in this venture is for the budding entrepreneur to simply take a look around the house, the office and the garage to see what is not in use and what might bring in some cash if put up for sale. The trick to making this start up venture free at the outset is to find what is already available, use it as the basis of the home based business opportunity and then take the sale proceeds to start buying up other items to sell. Of course, the trick is buying cheap and selling higher.

I talk in depth on ways you can make money through an home-based business on my latest podcast.

The skills needed to start this home based business opportunity for free are not extensive at all. In fact, most online merchant and auction sites will walk the entrepreneur right through the process. The general step by step is to first supply the site administrator with banking and credit or debit account information and then sign up for online payment resources such as PayPal. There is generally an online form to fill out about the item or items to be sold, and then the choice of setting fixed prices for the item, using an online store dedicated to this seller, allowing the auction format or any combination of these options.

The merchant site has categories from which to choose. The seller writes the title for the listing, the description of the products being sold, and can add photos. Pricing must be chosen as well as the duration of each listing. Another thing that’s important with this free home business opportunity is to reveal to consumers the city and state in which the items are houses. Starting out for free on an online merchant site with items already available is a great option for a budding entrepreneur who doesn’t have a ton of upfront financial resources.

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