Now Christmas Is Over With Now What?

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Hi there my lovelies How are you doing? Did you have an awesome Christmas day with friends and family? Eating all those amazing foods that leave you feeling like you’re about to give birth to an alien?

Graphic I know, but what can I say this is exactly how I feel right now while secretly upstairs putting pen to paper, well fingers to pad to pen you my latest post.

Awe! Thank you for asking I had a wonderful time on Christmas and throughout the holidays. It’s actually my hubbies birthday tomorrow and we’re hoping to throw a little birthday thing! for him

Wow hasn’t time gone real fast? Actually it wasn’t that bad this year, I personally managed to get so much done this year. It has been such a busy year for me and the team. Some of you may be wondering as I’m always mentioning my small team and you all haven’t seen a face to them yet!


Well this is what I love about building an online business because I get to structure my business to fit around my lifestyle and family and as I’ve shared so often in my many posts, I outsource my team from around the globe and we all work from the comfort of our homes. I’ve branched out a little and run Rachael Academy from my office and studio’s due to now taking on clients, doing 1-2-1’s and hosting workshops, masterclasses and live events. You can check out some of Rachael Academy events I have coming up in the New Year here.

So today is the 27th of December and it’s not that long until we’re  going to find ourselves in our local or far away establishment drinking, dancing, laughing and counting in 2019. So Rachael Style I thought I would be your personal coach right about now, I know some of you need one, because if you are like me New Year’s aren’t so easy to go through. So we might as well start a little early to help you on your way to entering 2019 with a clear head after the drinks have worn off.


You’ve been talking about starting that dream business but you’re not quite sure where to start. Let me give you some advice! Don’t stress there are great ways to get into starting your dream business without breaking the bank, going broke or getting overwhelmed with all the steps most traditional businesses take to get off the ground.

You don’t have to start all guns blazing

You don’t have to start all guns blazing. A great way to get into business and get your startup off to a successful start is to start with your own personal blog. The reason I recommend a blog as the best option for you is that with starting your own blog you’re going to learn how to run your own business and so many other valid business skills.

Managing a blog is no easy feat. There’s a lot of work that goes into starting, managing, running and growing a blog. It will take a lot from you on your part, but if you’re serious about building a startup this is a great entry way into building a successful one, in fact that is how I started 14 years ago and now it has grown into a great business that is helping millions around the globe.

I love running Rachael academy so much that I’ve gone through the same process three times.

I created Beginstartup 2 years ago.


Beginstartup is an online magazine for entrepreneurs and business owners and shares the latest business news on new innovative businesses and startup around the globe. And just a couple of month ago I launched another blog Interior Mavens a platform for interior junkies just like me.



So you see I also practice what I preach and I can say for sure that starting a personal blog is the greatest, cheapest and exciting way to enter into the world of business, so rather than I just break down the steps in a list format for you. I’ve selected instead a post from Beginstartup


for you to take a look at and also my podcast I did just over 8 months ago on how to start your own successful blog.



I hope this hasn’t been too overwhelming for you and you’re still enjoying your time off work with friends and family. If you’re not off and you’re still working, don’t get down you can use the time at work to start dreaming about that awesome blog you’re going to start in the new year.

All the best and I will see you in a couple of days!



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