Our Top 4 Marketing Tactics That Will Turn Your Small Business Into A Huge One


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Successful marketing tactics begin with the end in mind. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you expect to know how to get there? That makes it even essential for us as business owners and marketers to understand exactly what it is ‘our customer wants‘ and ‘anticipate their needs‘ long before they begin a search for a product or service.

All customers want to know “What’s in it for me?”

But how do we really know how to visualize our business future?

What can we do to turn our small business into a huge business with high profits, high conversions, and high profits?

In my latest post if you’ll permit me I would like to breakdown for strategies that are helping and that I’ve thought to my clients over the years.

Start By Knowing Your Customer

This is the #1 Marketing Tactics That Every Marketer Must Know, believe and understand me when I say this. It’s not enough to have a general knowledge of the market and the customer. It’s vital to know the audience and relate directly to their needs. It’s about anticipating their next move and then their next move after that.

And It’s About Appealing To Their Emotional Needs

Understanding the customer begins with a clear picture of who they are and what key characteristics they share. It is those key characteristics or idiosyncrasies that make them the best prospects for your product or service. That’s why they are so important to your future success, because they have a need for what you have to offer.

What Are Most Customers Looking For In Terms Of Benefits?

Once you are able to clearly identify the customer and what they want, it’s essential to craft and create a message that speaks directly to them. A general message about a product and the features it offers is never and is not going to be enough anymore.

They are seeking value and looking for benefits or products. Your message must clearly articulate the benefits and advantages of what you have to offer. The message must appeal directly to the customer’s needs and appeal to him or her in a very unique way.

Back It Up!

People are always looking to save both time and money. If they can find a product that saves time, fills a need, and is appropriately priced, they will buy it. I’ve seem this time and time again.

They’ll even pay more for a product if they truly believe it offers significant or multiple benefits over other similar products. They’re not as interested in features as they are its benefits, so focus the message towards their emotional buying needs. And don’t be afraid to highlight multiple benefits of a product to really engage the customer.

In today’s fast-paced world and advanced technology, people are always looking for the best and the fastest. They are also looking for ease of purchase. Marketing tactics must respond to these needs and your message must be emotionally appealing and soundly convincing.

But just as important, be sure you can back up your claims of benefits and value to the customer. It’s not just a customer you want to attract. It’s a ‘repeat customer’ that can help your business soar too. Provide the customer with quality products and follow-up to make sure they are satisfied. Learn from your customers and use that valuable knowledge to anticipate the next need that will surface from customers.

Proactively create a marketing plan that integrates multiple marketing tactics to help ensure optimal success. Deploying effective tactics will quickly result in higher conversions and more sales. And with more sales, you’ll have a thriving business that grows exponentially as word spreads virally about your products and service.

Don’t under-estimate the value of utilizing proven, successful marketing tactics when it comes to marketing your products. Know where you want to go before you start the journey. Start with the end in mind.

Envision success and visualize the sale. Take advantage of these 4 tried and proven tactics to create a successful business and a secure future.

Success awaits those who can see ahead of the crowd.

Many thanks for taking out the time to read my latest post. I have more great marketing tips on the Rachael Academy platform to help you on the journey to launching running and growing your business.


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