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  • Tell your business story to 18 million of our readers looking for businesses like you online.
  • Grow your brand with our enhanced and highly engaging platforms and audience.
  •  Be seen in local Google searches, Instagram feeds, Facebook stories and other authority sites.




Discovering your business

There are over 3 billion people using the internet today, which has increased from 738 million in 2000, to 3.2 billion in 2015. People are now turning to the internet for just about everything, including searching for business. The yellow pages has become a book people no longer use, and online business directory websites are the places people now discovery new businesses, and the services they offer. If your business isn’t listed on any these websites, you’re missing out on a lot of potential clients.


Raising awareness of your brand

Being seen on different business directories will develop your brand’s image, if you’re constantly popping up on different sites, you’ll be cementing your brand’s image in consumers minds. If you’re present on more than one site, consumers will automatically recognise you as a well respected brand, and be more inclined to come for you for your services.

Rachael Academy has built 14 years online business influence and relationships, with over 18 million active visitors to our site and a further 6 million to our sister sites. We’re here to help you stand out in the market place with your business. When you list your business with us we’ll showcase you to our active and eager readership on our:-


  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Business Magazine
  • Professionally Written Article Features
  • Monthly Shutouts


And all this for less than £5 a month. To advertise your business with us will cost you just £50 a year! That’s right all these benefits above for less than £5 a month.

Gaining trust with consumers

Business directory sites are trusted by the public, as they know the businesses listed have been trusted by the sites themselves, therefore if your company is listed on a variety of these, this is gaining your company trust with potential clients. Read our full post on business directory.




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PLEASE NOTE: Please note that your listing will not be live until the listing payments of £50 is made. Once payments has been received your business listing will go live within 24 hours.


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