Client Project WIN-AN-2019


This agreement is based on the following provisions:

  1. The creation of Articles, Newsletters for Winston Ben Clements
  2. One Article per week = X4 articles per month
  3. 4. X4 newsletters per week = X4 newsletters per month

Furthermore, the First Party agrees:

  1. To pay Rachael Academy £450 ONE OFF DEPOSIT and £150 per month thereafter for X4 Article and X4 Newsletter per month
  2. X1 articles per week.
  3. The creation of X1 newsletter per week.
  4. X4 articles per month and X4 newsletter content and template


TOTAL COST:                         £300 One Off Payment + £150 Monthly

TOTAL COST:                        £450  First Payment

This payment includes £300 One Off Payment + £150 First month Payment


There after the client will pay £150 Monthly for Rachael Academy to manage their website and Newsletter.

The Client will be in contract for a 3 month trial after which the client can cancel any time if they so wish. If the Client is happy with the Rachael Academy Service they will continue to pay Rachael Academy £150 Monthly for service rendered.


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