How To Take An Unknown Product And Make It A Bestseller


It doesn’t matter what line of business or industry you are in – the fact is that if you want to be successful at what you do you need to have a bestselling product that everyone wants and be willing to pay for.

Business is no mystery; the true foundation of business is learning the art of listening to your customers, then finding out from what you heard, want needs or problems do they need help with and then going and creating the solution with a product that will help meet that problem.


If you truly want to make an impact with your life and business find a way to help people and in turn you will make big sales online. All you need to have is at least one best selling product that constantly sells well for you.  The ideal situation would of course be to have several best selling products… but that part comes later.  First you have to start with one product, and that’s what we’ll be looking at in my online course ‘How To Take An Unknown Product And Make It A Bestseller‘. Once you have that, it’s a case of repeating that success in the future and building your business from there.


You’re going to learn in this ecourse:


  • Introduction – What Type Of Product Should You Sell?
  •  Identifying An Unkown Product
  • Making sure You Pick The Right Product
  • How Many people Could You Sell This To?
  • Finding A Product For Your Niche
  • Discover A Niche To Target With A Product Of Your Own
  • Connecting With Your Audience Online
  • Go To Your Audience
  • Let Your Audience Come To You
  • The Word Of Mouth Rule
  • Pulling It Altogether


Estimated Duration: 6 Days

Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

Categories: Beginner, StartupIntermediate, Advance, Courses

Lessons: There are 11 lessons in this course

Media: Written


Rachael is the CEO and Founder of Rachael Academy. Having been in the business industry for over 14 years, Rachael brings with her a wealth of Knowledge in the field of Branding, Marketing, Startup, Social Media, Business Growth, International Trade, Book Publishing and so much more. She was named Entrepreneur of the year by Huffpost in 2016.




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