Sinni Has Found Her Wings!

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I’m so happy today as I got some lovely news from a client of mine today!. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing.


Sinni is the Founder of Bride Icon a blog she started just before her farther passed away a couple of years ago. She had put a hold of her side hobby a few years ago, her blog due to her farther taken ill. She needed to give her time to help take care of her farther.


Her farther eventually passed away and the passing of her farther left a big hole in Sinni’s life and she quit the whole dream of one day starting something for herself. She stopped investing to her blog and shut it down for about a year after her dad’s passing.

Just over 6 months ago Sinni came to me for help and guidance with her business. She had found me on LinkedIn through a post I shared in the month of November 2017 about me going on an new adventure in 2018. When I first met Sinni she was quite shy and lacked confidence in her ability and what she wanted out of her life.


I began to work with her as my client, but as we worked together day by day and week by week she became more of a friend than a client and we have remained friends every since. Over the weeks it was lovely to see her come out of her shell and bloom to a power house of a woman oozing confident in who she was, and what she wanted out of her life.

I began work on rebranding her brand and created for her a whole new brand new website.

I’m so happy to announce that today she has now taken on a partnerships with an amazing brand.

Every time we speak on the phone now she tells me of the next luxury hotel she staying at or the next event she is attending because of the rebranding of her brand.

She is as of now only doing Bride Icon Part-time but already she is making waves in her desire industry which is weddings.

I’m so proud of you Sinni like a proud mother as everything I taught you, you listened, implemented and now your soaring to new heights.

What a beautiful thing to see. Will you do me the honor as a proud mother and go and visit Sinni’s Site Bride Icon and show her some love.

Thank you 

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