Ten Ways To Fall In Love With Your Job


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Inexorable statistics show that most people don’t like their jobs: 87% of men and women when asked don’t like their job. What should we do about it? To call your work and pretend you are ill is not the best way to go about fixing the problem. Fortunately there are more efficient methods that will help change your severe work routine for better.

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The central problem of bad work lies in our psychology: you are what you do. One of the first questions we ask our new acquaintance is “What do you do? “. That is why if a person has a bad attitude to his job, it affects his/ her self–esteem. This crisis has even more global consequences. US economy annually loses 150 bln dollars because of stresses, quitting and reduction of work efficiency.

Dale Carnegie, the author of the book “How to enjoy your life job» states, “money is not the most important thing in your job. The employee has three types of motivation. First, he gets motivation from respectable, authoritative people who he likes. Second, he should be aware of the significance of his work. Besides, he should feel his important role and independence in the whole process. People don’t like when boss spies his every step as it kills the initiative”.









So, what should we do to like our job? Try the following 10 tips.

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1. Communicate with your colleagues.

2. Let your boss know about your achievements and your problems. But don’t complain and show your indignation.

3. Let the team spirit be developed in your group.

4. Point out a hindering aspect and offer your own solutions to it.

5. Make something for yourself.

6. Take up a project you like most.

7. Devote more time to something you are good at.

8. You have entered university as you wanted to gain new useful knowledge, but instead have to submit endless college essays? Stop it. Spend more time on what is of real interest to you.

9. Improve tense relations. All people are so different.

We tend to dislike some of them more than the rest. That is why conflicts are inevitable. Instead of swelling the quarrel, ask your opponent “What can I do for you?” It will reduce tension and in a while it will help to build up normal contacts with the hottest tempered person.

10. Delegate your duties.

It is impossible to perform constant control over the process and to achieve results. Find a young ambitious employee and give him the part of the job you can’t stand. It will be good practice for him. Surely you will have to show your eloquence to explain the necessity of doing it for a future career promotion.

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Recollect the story with your college essay.

It worked out perfect; no one found out that every word of it belonged to your room mate passionate about writing. Ask for the feedback. Ask your boss and colleagues: “How am I getting on with the job?”. Let them know you need their answer to improve yourself, not just to hear a pair of empty compliments. Start with doing the most difficult part of the work. Do the most unbearable part of the work before lunch. If you put it off, it won’t disappear and after lunch it will even harder to make yourself do it. Besides such a schedule will give y an opportunity to finish your working day with something pleasant, something you feel enthusiastic about.

Have fun. Your job is no fun. But don’t repeat it to yourself all the time. A pair of good jokes will cheer everyone up. Work in a team. You can do much more if you have fewer responsibilities. Team work is a good way to handle your working process for achieving it. You should learn it and it is a useful skill. Soul and body. Allocate enough time for your spiritual and physical health. Stick to the basic rules: nutritious diet, working out, healthy sleep. Sometimes it is a simple way to have a fresh look at your job. Live. People who have interests besides work are the best employees, friends, parents and spouses. Devote more time to your hobby; realize what really matters to you and what you want from life. Coming to work, remember it is not only the opportunity to earn money but also a chance to realize yourself. So, don’t miss it.

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