The 30 Day Challenge-Day 2/ What Do You Want?


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Welcome to day two of the 30 day challenge to happiness, success and a better version of you. If you haven’t as yet listened in to day one you can follow the link here to start listening. So day two and we’re going to touch on “Knowing What You Want

I know that this might sound like a strange question to ask ones self, but it was a question that was asked me and when  I took out the time to think on it and ponder, it made sense to me to try and answer it for my life. So in day two of the 30 Day Challenge I’m going to ask you the very same question that was asked me WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Listen in to today’s podcast and discover a life changing lesson if understood, has the potential to change your life for the better and help you discover things about yourself you did not know. I’m also going on this journey, so you’re not alone. If you want your year to end well and with a new lease of life and you want to begin 2020 with vision and strength, listen in. I would love to know and hear your thoughts on the subject of “Knowing What You Want”, please do take out the time to leave a comment or two below, on till next time!


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