The Fundamentals Of Mental Health That Most People Forget


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Mental health is a real issue that effects the UK population and am sure effects the world population on a larger scale. Especially during these difficult times we have all been facing worldwide during lockdown.

When we approach the subject of mental health, there are so many of us that feel uncomfortable with the subject. Why is that?

Is it because so many of us feel that mental health problems only happen to a select few in society? Or is it because so many of us just don’t know how to deal with it.

I myself went through a level of mental breakdown.

It was 14 years ago and I went through a year of depression. From what I’ve learnt from my own personal experience is that mental breakdown comes about when we feel we are the only person going through a series of embracing situations in life that come our way, and we blame ourselves even if it was no fault of ours, we are the ones left with having to pick up and deal with the broken pieces.

In our latest podcast, training psychologist and counsellor, Omar Zac Phillips, founder of The Idea of a Man website and project that helps men to deal with difficult issues that men face in the UK and worldwide as the men suicide statics are seeing a growth in this group in the UK and the world

We sit down to discuss the issue of mental health and how we can deal with it better as entrepreneurs and business owners. And use the lessons in this podcast to better equip us for business and life ahead.


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