The Gratitude Journal Learning To Be Grateful In An Ungrateful World

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“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens

The world today is full of uncertainties and challenges, and the last thing that we want to do is to say “thank you”. With the hardships, turmoil, difficulties and problems that people are facing these days, it really becomes even harder to see the good sides of the world. Things become so irrational and unpredictable. The world becomes so different. Being grateful in this very ungrateful world is really challenging.

However, one must understand that although the world seems so difficult and things might go the way you want it to be, there are still many things to be grateful for. No matter what good things happen in your life, if you don’t have the attitude of gratitude, you will never be completely happy.

Learning to be grateful when things go wrong, when problems strike, when difficulties happen will make a huge difference in your life and the way you will feel about life itself. Life is always better once you feel blessed no matter how difficult things might seem.

Gratitude is seeing life as a great and wonderful gift. Once you feel great about the world and about your life, you will find real happiness and peace.

When everything goes wrong, it is really hard to be in the state of gratitude, but if you remain thankful about even those little blessings you have, your life will become happier. Learning to be grateful in this ungrateful world is something worth doing.

Would you like to go on this one week journey with me to create more abundance in your life by learning to be grateful for the things we have right now in our lives. Gratitude holds the key to that life changing power we all s deserve and need?

So let’s start today with learning to Be Grateful In An Ungrateful World.

Gratitude for Today

Learning to Be Grateful In An Ungrateful World

Developing an attitude of heartfelt and sincere Gratitude for all your current blessings unleashes the ultimate power for obtaining many more. Give thanks each day and you will see how being grateful for everything you have today can create great changes in your life.

Lets get our journal out and write down things we are grateful for in our lives. I will start.

I’m Grateful for my health.

I’m Grateful for my wonderful husband and children.

I’m Grateful I have my arms and legs

I’m Grateful I woke again to see the beautiful sunrise every morning when I wake.

I’m Grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for myself.

I’m Grateful for who I am and who I’m becoming.

Thank you” – these two simple words can change one’s life. With the problems that we may face every day in our lives, these two little words are often the most neglected words each day. We always see the worst in life that is why we never become truly happy.

Let’s say these two simple words together “Thank you

Expressing our gratitude or even being thankful about the things you have is really important. This will change your entire life – the way you see life, the way you handle your problems and the way you cope with the daily challenges.

“Let’s take a quick look at what gratitude actually means and we are done for today”.

What does Gratitude Means?

Gratitude means counting our blessings, thankfulness, acknowledging things that we receive and noticing those simple pleasures in our life. The moment we wake up in the morning, say a little prayer or mantra giving thanks to another life given to you. Gratitude means learning to live the kind of life as if things were miracles, and it also means being fully aware on a continuous bases about how much you have been given.

Gratitude also shifts our focus from the things we lack in our lives and towards great abundance that is now present. Did you know that psychological and behavioral research has shown that the most amazing improvements in our lives are brought by the practice of gratitude everyday or as often in our lives? Let’s be thankful and appreciative of life and the things life has offered us and this will make us more resilient people and even more happier.

Resilient in the sense that no matter what challenges and difficulties we experience today or tomorrow, we know that life is not cruel to give us something that we can’t bear. It gives us strength with the belief and the mindset that no matter how many problems we may encounter, the blessings we receive are much greater than them.

Our Gratitude’s strengthens our relationships, reduces our stress levels and improves health.

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Free Resources Box: Download your free Gratitude X1 Thankfulness sheet and X4 Gratitude Cards



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