The Overwhelmed Entrepreneur With Ben Ivey

Do you feel a little overwhelmed in life and business? Not sure why you’re feeling this way? So many of us entrepreneurs and business owners spend our time wearing so many different hats and trying to juggle life, business, projects whilst taking care of ourselves.

Even more so the shame attached be it in our minds or from peers that we are not able to coupe with the pressure lives us hiding our true feelings and suffering in silence.

Just want to let you know that you are not alone.

This is a common journey that most of us as business owners go through.

Ben Ivey is recognised as an authority on how to help entrepreneurs create an extra-ordinary lifestyle whilst accelerating business success.
As an entrepreneur lifestyle expert, international speaker, and mentor. Ben has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. In his programs, Ben helps entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and stress, clarify their entrepreneur lifestyle and boost their business success.
Ben is a highly requested speaker regularly flying internationally. He has completed a TED talk in Mandarin Chinese has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington, Allan Kleynhans and many other thought leaders.


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Written by Rachael Phillips

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