The Secret Power Formula That Helps You To Define The Perfect Moment

Are you waiting for a perfect moment to work on your goal? Are you sure you will be able to recognise the perfect moment when it comes?
There is one simple formula that instantly tells you the perfect time to start achieving your goal.
The perfect moment = NOW!
Yes, right now, this very second is the ONLY perfect moment to start working towards your goals. No, it’s not tomorrow or Monday or the first day of the month. Right now.
Don’t waste your life waiting for a perfect conditions or perfect opportunity. They don’t exist. I used to think like that 10 years ago waiting for the perfect someone on a white horse in shining armour to come and change my then unhappy and unfilled life.
Use what you have; you don’t need to look far outside of you or even your home. Start right now, never ever procrastinate!
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How I got started in getting started in changing my life around was I was financially and emotionally bankrupt and I could not afford to eat a proper meal every day. ‘Yes in England’ even with barely keeping a roof over my head I was only managing to eat one meal a day with four other mouths to feed.
After many days off sleeping off my hunger I managed to have a day where I just couldn’t get to sleep. I had come to the place of waiting for that perfect someone or day to come remember The perfect moment = NOW!
I got off my couch and started searching online for success stories any story that should how others were making money, online, in business or from home. I came across an article about a 43 year old man who had changed he’s life from still living at home with he’s parents to owning he’s own home cash and a successful eBay business. So I got started looking for something to sell and my journey began.
Have you ever noticed that all the successful people are very dynamic? They don’t lie on the couch…
…waiting for the perfect time to start doing something. They get up and DO it.
You too can be a success yes you can if you start NOW.

If you’re still trying to put things off and make excuses to do it later, in the next lesson you will learn how to overcome procrastination and become a person who loves the thrill of getting things done.


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