Time Invested Wisely = Your Dreams

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This past Friday I was asked to speak with a person, who just signed into a home-based networking business — which I know is one of the most effective entrepreneurial methods for an average person to achieve true financial success. My entire conversation/coaching session with this individual was based on the simple theme of working your plan and committing long-term with no thought of ever quitting until the achievement of your ultimate outcome.

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What is the #1 point that you should stress to someone who decides to become your fellow teammate and business partner? I would definitely say that it is erase the following words from your vocabulary: I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day! Over the next 7 days, try keeping a detailed log of where you invest your time.

Time is the universal currency, which God blesses everyone with. However, it is those who choose to invest time wisely that succeed. Every winner in life could have easily said, “Well you know it sounds great, but I do not have the time to do anything.” You need to look deep into your spirit and realize that time is an incredible gift and you need to cherish the gift by investing it very effectively.

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The overall attitude of most people these days is that everything is so hard for them but easier for everyone else. There is a very thin line between winning and losing, and it all begins with setting your mind to the correct channel – channel W for winning — no matter whatever anyone else says or thinks. I know you can achieve all of your dreams in life if you just erase from your vocabulary, “I do not have the time.”

Take a minute right now and look at where you sow your time. Wherever you sow your time will ultimately determine your future harvest. Invest (sow) it wisely and achieve (reap) your Dreams! Be conscious of saying or hearing -“I do not have the time.”

Find your WHY & FLY!

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