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Time To Organise Your Time For Maximum Results With The Time Management Coach Becca Rich

Hello Lovelies welcome to our first of 2021 Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur podcast. I hope our latest podcast finds you well. One of the most effective skills you can have in life is powerful and effective time management. If there’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s the importance of paying attention to how you use the precious time you have.

As busy parents and entrepreneurs, finding work-life balance is always challenging, but the truth is, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. I can tell you as a work-at-home mom that it CAN be done. Even the busiest mom can carve out pockets of breathing room within the day – with the right system in place.

Managing your time is not just good practice, but it is also good for productivity and organization. Follow a time management system that will help you get things done in order to achieve success with your goals. By managing your time properly and efficiently, you can create an organized life!

Our guest on The Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur Podcast is Becca Rich.

Becca Rich is the Holistic Time Management Coach at She helps heart-centred woman solopreneurs and small business owners leverage their time and energy to get more done, work less, and live more intentionally.

Podcast Questions

How To Organise Your Time For Maximum Results With The Time Management Coach Becca Rich

  1. We like to ask all our guest questions that we would like them to answer on our show, here are yours.
  2. Hi Becca; It’s wonderful having you on the show. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and what makes you tic?
  3. Why did you choose to become a time management coach and help others manage their time more effectively?
  4. Do you think that some people are more productive in work and life because they’ve found the secret sauce to time management?
  5. What are the best time management practices for a business owner? Give us 5 action steps to help us prioritise tasks better.
  6. Stress is a huge side affect of bad time management. Becca tell us about a time you found yourself overwhelmed and tell us what time management technique did you use to help you alleviate the stress?
  7. Why do you think some professionals struggle to complete their tasks on time?
  8. 2020 was a huge year for so many of us professionals and business owners. A lot of our best laid plans were just that – laid. Now the new year has kicked in in full force and am sure there’re so many 2019 or 2020 goals we want to revisit. How should we begin setting a realistic time management schedule or calendar to achieve our objectives?
  9. What role does time management play in becoming a success in our industry, business and life?
  10. So may business owners find it so difficult to prioritise their day-to-day task, even more so that the work at home trend has taken off. Could you suggest 3 great time management tools that will help those struggle keep up?
  11. Tell us a little more about your work as a time management coach, what does a day in your life look like? And what do you do when working with clients?
  12. Becca what are you working on in 2021? And what motivates you?
  13. Thank you so much Becca for being a guest on ‘The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur Podcast Show’. Before you tell our listeners where they can find out more about your amazing work

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Becca’s Offers

Time Savvy Solopreneur – A 1:1 Time coach to help solopreneurs become Time Savvy so they can work less, grow their business easier and feel enough at the end of the day. While working together, they will learn how to get the most done they’ve ever before while also feeling rested, healthy, and fulfilled.


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How To Organise Your Time For Maximum Results With The Time Management Coach Becca Rich

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