Top 11 Popular Internet Marketing Forums You Should Know About

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The one Internet Marketing forum that has withstood the “test of time” is known as the “Warrior Forum” at warriorforum. I have great news and not so great news about that forum. The great news it really IS a place where you can get your questions answered. It is also a place you can introduce new products an a section called Warrior Special Offers. It is also a place you can “kind of” get the word out about your own new releases.

That brings us to the bad news. Because the nature of Internet Marketing can be so “spammy”, with folks jumping in with offers all over the place, it tends to bring down the quality of the discussion if that happens. So, the Warrior Forum “police” as I call them will be scrutinizing every post of yours. If you so much as hint that you are pushing your product outside of the Warrior Special Offer section, the entire “thread” including your initial posting will be annihilated.


One thing you should keep in mind is that folks tend to be overly positive and overly negative about certain products when they are asked an opinion about them, to the point where it is hard to make out the forest from the trees. However, the Warrior Forum is the absolute best place to establish potential partners.


Here are 11 others sites you should defiantly checkout


Top 11 Popular Internet Marketing Forums

Being part of an online community is not much different than being part of a real physical community. You have to stick to the basic rules, and there will be people who enforce those rules on consistent basis. Before proceeding to become a regular member on any of the following internet marketing forums, make sure to read the rules and general etiquette, so as not to give yourself headache.



Warrior Forum The 1 Internet Marketing Forum Marketplace

I would in fact be very surprised if you wouldn’t have heard of WarriorForum already. It’s currently the most popular internet marketing forum on the planet offering a wide variety of advertising options for your products, if you are looking for a quick launch. I have to warn you though, WarriorForum is not always what it seem it might be, so be careful with the products you are trying to advertise or sell.



WickedFire Affiliate Marketing Forum Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum

WickedFire is another great marketing community to be a part of, with the exception of a lot of people being complete smug bastards. It’s just the way it is and there is nothing to hide about it really. You will find some decent discussions on topics like SEO and Affiliate Marketing.



BlackHatWorld the home of internet marketing
You might say this site is not worthy of this popular internet marketing forum list, but I actually feel the opposite. I agree, 75% of the content on this site is completely black-hat and could destroy anyone’s website if not looked at from different perspectives. But, the other 25%? You can actually find some really good information on this site, and very often websites that can get you free and quality backlinks 🙂



Webmaster Forum

V7N is amazing! It has been around for years now and has established a great following of people who participate on the community forums daily. It covers a lot of topics including popular ones like SEO, marketing, blogging, graphic design and many others! Definitely check it out!



Online Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Forum

DigitalPoint is another one of the internet oldies that have managed to last to this day. It’s a great forum for marketers and webmasters alike, there is no question about it. I do however think that, because of the fact that it has gone so advertising heavy in the past couple of years – it might not be appealing to everyone. I do suggest you have a look at the forum and maybe you can find information there you wouldn’t otherwise find anywhere else.

There is a lot of community oriented talks going on frequently, and it’s also good if you are an AdSense user, as many people there are.


Site Point

1 The SitePoint Forums

SitePoint forums is great, especially so for beginners. Community there is always willing to help others in a friendly manner, and it also has a lot of community members who are experienced in programming and web development. There are marketing sections available that include internet marketing, eCommerce and business related topics. Registration is easy, and the main site offers a wide variety of articles.


Just a few months ago, SitePoint decided to upgrade their forum system, which means that there is a new design and new type of forum system to get accustomed to. The site itself has also been expanding their other parts of the site, which means that the forum is growing by the day.

Affiliate Marketing Forum Affilorama

Affilorama is strictly about affiliate marketing, as you might have guessed. And that’s fine, because it includes a lot of marketing information we want and need. There is a lot of reputable information and tips to be found on this forum, if you are interested in sharpening your selling skills, Affilorama is the place to go.



PerformanceIN Forums

It might not be the biggest internet marketing forum out there, but it has a lot of quality information regarding many affiliate networks, and many of the affiliate network employees also use this forum to talk and interact with their clients. It’s definitely worth registering to, even if for the sake of good resources.



Geek Talk Webmaster Forum Web Publishing for Professionals

GeekVillage is an old community that’s mostly populated by people who come directly from search engines, the number of posts published on GeekVillage has declined steadily over the years, but is nonetheless a fairly reliable source of inspiration and knowledge about internet marketing, and you can rest assured that some of the regular members check out the forum once in a while.



3 Marketing Quora

Quora is not a direct forum platform, its main focus is on helping others find answers to their questions, but when looked at individually, the individual categories of the site can in fact act like forum sections, where anyone can ask questions and engage in discussion. Quora is already home to thousands of marketing questions, so before you ask something that has already been answered, make sure to do a quick search and see what comes up.



DreamTeamMoney Internet Marketing Forum Webmaster HYIP Forex Network Marketing E Currency Money Making Forum

DreamTeamMoney is a unique marketing forum that’s built around a community of people who actively engage in ‘harvesting’ Dream Points to establish themselves as regular members on the site. DreamTeamMoney offers a number of internet marketing sections; general marketing online, social media marketing, cryptocurrencies, and much more.


Conclusion: –
These definitely are some of the most popular internet marketing communities you could ever be a part of, if I had to create a new list with communities that are good for link building, perhaps the list would be slightly different. I hope that you will be able to find a new community to be a part of, and maybe even find a new



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