Top 18 Lucrative Businesses You Should Start In Ghana In 2017

I was motivated to write this latest article by a question that was asked me on my Facebook page by a lovely lady who resides in Ghana. Her question was what can of business she could start right now in Ghana that she could be up and running in a short space of time. So I thought I might as well do a write up on it as well and hopefully it will also help some of you out there if you are thinking of starting a business abroad.
I going to work with my top answer first as this is what I would do if I was living in Ghana well to be honest with you anywhere in the world this business would work nicely for you.
My Top Business to start in Ghana is Net Work Marketing
Network marketing is a $180 Billion dollar global business. And there are thousands of network marketing business who are running very well in Africa and the rest of the world. I have been part of the network marketing industry for 11 years now and It has been the best part-time business from home to do as it has allowed me to live where ever I want and have the time to raise my small children at the time I started. Our company alone is in 170 countries.
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Network marketing is a great business to start because you can do it from home and the start-up cost is very, very low. Network marketing companies have utilised the internet for anyone around the world to become successful as home-based Entrepreneurs.
The only requirements for being an “Independent Distributor” is ordering a minimal amount of product each month and having access to the Internet. Some net work marketing companies like mine don’t even ask you purchase a monthly minimal order.
Let’s take a closer look: Network marketing is a business model that companies use to distribute their products.
Network marketing uses “word-of-mouth” marketing and networking of people to spread the word about their products or services.




Caveat: If a company offers you 100% commissions and there’s no real product, it’s a scam.
It’s simply impossible for a real, legitimate company to offer a 100% commissions. 75% commissions is the highest I’ve seen in network marketing.
The Best That An MLM Company Should offer You:
Marketing tools- They provide you with “lead generation capture pages” where interested prospects can sign up through you.
Autoresponders-The Best MLM companies assist you in emailing your prospects for you. Brain Abundance sends out a daily email automatically to the prospects who signed up through your capture pages.
An easy to understand and explain product- The Company should be focused on one or two flagship products. Stay away from companies that have too many products. The product should fill a strong need, like “better sleep, reduce stress, etc.”
Affordable-The Best MLMs have an affordable product that anyone can buy. Most Nigerians and Ghanaian’s have limited funding, so finding a product they can afford and profit quickly from is essential.
Why Network Marketing in Ghana?
There’s over a 25.9 million people in Ghana. Ghanaian’s on average earn less than $7 dollars a day. . .
They are hungry for a better financial situation. They are educated and proficient in internet marketing and are willing to learn. Ghanaian’s are already the top leaders in many network marketing companies. Many understand the power of network marketing and the concept of passive, residual income.
Network marketing allows a person with little education, minimal work experience and from an impoverished country to earn an income comparing that of a doctor or lawyer.
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Here are my Top 18 with a copuple bonus Businesses You Should Start In Ghana in 2017
1.1 Home based Cosmetics and beautician
1. Computer Services
2. Livestock Farming
3. Agro-products exportation
4. Mining
5. Setting up Small Private refinery
6. Establish a Television and Radio Broadcast Station
7. Set up a security company
8. Construction company
9. Real Estate development
10. Importation of wears
11. Daycare center
13. Training centers
14. Waste Management
15. Food processing
16. Alternative Power For Dumsor
17. Plantation Farming
18. Manufacturing
Home based travel agent check this site out as they offer opportunities as a network marketing distrubutor as
If you need more advice and help in getting started in Network Marketing then do feel free to contact me at


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