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So you know that you need lots of traffic to have a successful website, and I’m not talking about the four wheeled kind that rumbles around outside… You probably also know that not all traffic is equal. You can have a million visitors to your site, but if they are not targeted visitors then it’s unlikely that many will do what you want them to do – opt-in to your mailing list, or buy your products.

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Targeted traffic is the life blood of every website and every online business. You cannot survive without it, but if you CAN find the people who are just aching to get hold of what you’re offering and then find a way of getting them onto your website – you’re going to make a lot of money! It sounds simple enough, but traffic generation is something that a lot of online businesses seem to struggle with, which is where my latest article comes in.

Some of the methods and strategies we’re going to cover you’ll probably have come across before, whilst others will most likely be new to you.

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Look – creating targeted traffic isn’t difficult, but in my opinion it’s probably THE most essential skill in the arsenal of any internet business. Once you know how to do it, you’ll never look back. Use the methods in this article consistently and you WILL generate a lot of traffic – whenever you need it, and in many cases on autopilot.

When I first started out online I took a pretty half hearted approach to traffic generation. I almost expected the visitors to come to me, rather than me having to go out looking for them. Of course they WILL come to you, but you’ll have to put some work in first. It’s all covered right here in this article, the methods and strategies that form the backbone of my own online business and which you too can begin using in yours.

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The traffic you need is out there, you just need to be shown how to get it in front of your website.

Some of the best ways I know of generating traffic have been around for years. They’re not particularly sexy or glamorous BUT they do work.

Generate Traffic From Blogging

Blogs are a wonderful way of getting traffic and building relationships – either with your own blog or through other peoples.

Blog Commenting

This is one of my personal favourites and it works extremely well. Visit other blogs in your niche and then add comments to posts which you feel you can contribute to (this can be a question, challenge, feedback, or an addition to the post). The secret is to make your comments engaging and thoughtful, and then include a link in the box provided back to your website.

The chances are you’ll already know some popular blogs in your niche, but if you don’t then they’re easy to find using Google.

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After a while, if you regularly comment on a particular blog you can also begin to build a relationship with the blog owner, which could lead to backlinks, interviews or the chance to appear as a guest blogger. Another benefit of posting regularly is that many blogs have a “Frequent Commentators” box or similar – giving you extra exposure. It’s always good if you’re the first person to leave a comment on a particular post because that means you’ll be at the top and more likely to get read. If you sign up to a blog’s RSS feed, you will be automatically updated when a new blog post is published, so this is easy as long as you’re quick.

Another good strategy is to find posts which appear to be popular (posts which already have a lot of comments) and add an additional one. The reason for this is that people keep coming back to these posts and you can find yourself getting traffic back to your sites YEARS after the original
post was made.

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The best piece of advice I can give with blog commenting is to simply join in the conversation. Add your own personal thoughts to the original post and try to make your comments interesting and worth reading. Don’t just post one liners (e.g. “great post”) as this is boring and people will see through the fact that you’re only doing it to advertise your website and get your link on there. Post an intelligent response to the original post and people will start to think “this person is worth checking out” and they will 🙂

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