What Bravery Can Do For You

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Are you brave? Would you class yourself as someone who is brave? A risk taker? Or just the mere mention of the word leaves you breaking up in a cold sweat? Maybe to help you better answer the question, we should take a look at what it truly means to be brave.

Dictionary definition of brave.

1.    possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.

2.    making a fine appearance.

3.    Archaic . excellent; fine; admirable.

Synonym study

1. Brave, courageous, valiant, fearless, gallant refer to confident bearing in the face of difficulties or dangers. Brave is the most comprehensive: it’s especially used of that confident fortitude or daring that actively faces and endures anything threatening.


So there we have it, so now would you say that you are brave?


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Don’t panic, I’m on your side here. To be honest with you the most common acts of bravery we’ve seen, heard about, read about or have experienced in our own lives comes when we least expect it, it just happens (sometimes) indicating that we all have the potential to be brave. I had always been told by friends and family that I was and still a very brave person, funny when I stop and take a look at myself I wouldn’t say I was superwoman 🙂 or though I wouldn’t say no to her figure 🙂

What I am trying to get at here is, bravery is reachable for you.

  • Bravery to ask for that promotion at work.
  • Bravery to ask for a pay rise.
  • Bravery to ask them out on a date.
  • Bravery to go part-time at your 9 to 5 and give time to that business idea.

When you establish bravery, you begin to better your personal life. Building bravery will help you take risks to a sunnier future that you commonly would not take. When you learn to live a life with a little sprinkle of bravery, you place fear behind you.


Advantages of Bravery

Bravery is the procedure of us accepting that we have fears, yet we are willing to discover a way to get the better of those fears and not let those concerns to take charge of us. It’s all right for us to feel our fears at advantageous times.


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For example, if a car is coming your way, swerving, you’ve a right to fear. There’s nothing wrong with sound fear. The issue is we have to place healthy fear where it belongs and unhealthy concern out of our life.

Once you build up bravery, you’ll learn to self-direct your life. You’ll learn to swallow punishment and payoffs graciously. A brave individual will frequently feel motivated to assume blame and responsibility while critiquing their actions and utilizing what they learn to move ahead.

Brave individuals will step to the front, instead of withdrawing when chances come their way. On the other hand, a brave individual will step back and consider his or her errors.


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Occasionally the brave individual is spontaneous. It’s never good to plan every day, as no one knows what the following day will introduce.

Consider it. How many times have you designed something all to see it fall apart? For example, you plan to go to see a friend tomorrow. Tomorrow a snowstorm, hurricane wind storms, or rainstorm may change that. As you can see, designing isn’t always in your favour, which is why brave hoi polloi are occasionally spontaneous.

An individual willing to better their life will relax. This individual will loosen up even when plans go bad. For example, if it rained on your drive to see that friend the individual will find something else to do and feel even as happy about that.


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For us to become successful and better our lives we will have to learn how to trust our instincts. When we do, we can then trust other people too. Alas, we live in a world where trust is difficult to find, yet when you trust your intuition, you can’t blame other people when things fail.

Bravery is a choice. To be brave is to face up to our fearfulness with the might that comes from our deepest associations. As we direct our lives into alignment with reality, affection, and might, fear’s grasp on us will gradually soften.

Here’s to all the new recruits of superwomen and superman’s.


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