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What It Takes To Become A True Relationship Artist By Owning Your Worth with Sheila Simms


Welcome to The Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur 2017 Season One and we have kicked off to an amazing start with a host of amazing guests scheduled to grace our show so we know you’re going to love our guest and their amazing stories. So to kick of the season we have guest with us on the show.

Sheila (Levack) Simms True Relationship Artist

Listen in on her amazing story and journey of entrepreneurship, how she got started and what motivated and helped her to keep going.

You can read the full podcast notes here or your more than welcome to download it and listen at your own time with the download tab above.

Title of your podcast show: What It Takes To Become a True Relationship Artist by Owning Your Story and Owning Your Worth with Sheila Simms

Podcast Notes:

  1. Tell us a little bit about who Sheila Simms is.

First, thank you Rachael for having me on your show today – it is great that we can connect across the pond and around the globe!

Well, I think who I am starts with my name. I was named after my mom’s best friend she had during childhood and my middle name ‘Vivian’ is passed down from my late grandmother and aunt who had the same middle name. I am a Christian and God has been a great source of strength, guidance and unconditional love in my life so I prefer the biblical meaning of my whole name that is: ‘being in good character & conduct, life and one who hears’ which is pretty cool as I love telling stories as well as hearing the stories of others, in fact, this is what led to my 2 start-ups: Visual Spatial Creative and Built By Hearts.

In terms of titles and positions I am a Wife, Mom of Ashton who is 13, Storyteller, Story-Maker, Blue Heart Builder & Driver, Brav Shift Promoter, SPN Lioness & Good2U Leader, Independent Director and aspiring True Relationship Artist and quite possibly one day an Extraordinary True Relationship Artist! There may even be ones that I missed too!

But those are simply titles & positions that do not define me…

My personal mantra, core values, my last line, my process define me as they help guide my intentions and actions daily.

My personal mantra is “I see things differently and help others see things differently.”


My last line is: “She always had a smile, she loved sharing stories and cared about the stories around her…Sheila Vivian Simms lived LIFE well.”


Step 1: Always smile.

Step 2: Share stories with love.

Step 3: Care about the stories around me.

Step 4: Live life well.

  1. Many people out there are looking for happiness in some shape or form. Do you think that self discovery and the process of finding yourself plays an important role to becoming happy?

Definitely but it isn’t happiness we all should be seeking but contentment, joy, joy unspeakable that you have regardless of good or bad situations or circumstances. Self-discovery is the only route to true contentment – you may be happy, obtain material items, have success but you will not experience that true contentment and joy unspeakable until you receive validation as well as fulfilment.

  1. Why discover yourself what’s the point?

If you don’t discover yourself you will either be living someone else’s life purpose or a life without purpose.

  1. What is a day in Relationship Artist look like or involve?

It is different every single day which I love – I may be writing, posting on social media & contributing to conversations, going on my power walks and running into people in my neighbourhood, working in my garden both offline & online so they both thrive, it is curating other people’s stories as well as my own, it is collecting ‘people’ but for a purpose either for myself or someone else’s purpose and it is collaborating with others from all walks of life and industries, it is having no budget & being creative by staging my own photos for my stories and it can be researching this field to see how I can expand it – every day is different & I love it!

  1. Why did you start a business in the self development industry?

It is the manifestation of my vision that I had when I was 21 and I always heard that if you are going to become an entrepreneur then develop a product and/or service offering that solves a problem to your biggest pain point. Well, because of the trauma of growing up and then living in a generational cycle of abuse, close relationships became my biggest pain point and fear. So, I thought why not start a relationship management company that focuses on fostering relationships, decreases conflict, increases wellness and positivity through storytelling and story-making. Also, then my company would not only help others but also me to find ourselves, find our voice and find our community so we are connected in mind, body and spirit within ourselves so that we can become one with another.

  1. You mention these words quite often in you work core values, vision, mission, passion. What do they really mean to an individual life?

Again, they are everything, unique to everyone and part of the discovery process.

What is in the deep core of you?

What do you see that the world needs?

How will you make that happen, what steps will you take?

What sets your soul on fire?

And your end result of your discovery process may be I want to be a great mom or dad or become Prime Minister or start a company – all very different but meaningful to the person that discovered that is their life purpose.

  1. What 3 things have you learnt since being in business could you first describe it with three words.

Be Brav. Be Strong. Be Well.

  1. What one book have you read that changed your life or mentors?

Book – The Bible.

Mentors – I have been blessed with many both personally and professional, in fact, every person I have met has impacted my life, taught me lessons, helped me grow and change in some capacity.

  1. What advice would you give any woman out there who also has a burning desire and dream in getting started or fulfilling that dream.
  2. JUST LISTEN. Listen to that intuition, that still small voice telling you your dream and as you hear that voice you light up, smile and are excited – that is your gift.
  3. JUST WALK. Even if it is the smallest step, just take that step.
  4. JUST ASK. Ask for help and surround yourself with people that you will learn from, that you can collaborate with and that can help in terms of finances, resources or even emotional support that you will need on this journey.
  5. JUST GIVE. Give your gift away so that you can truly empact = impact + empower = empowerment in action.
  6. Tell us a little bit more about what Sheila does, your community and where people can find you and join in.

Right now, I am collaborating with 3 key organizations & people as well as other organizations including many amazing people that include: Remi Alli & Karl Mercier & team from Brav Online Conflict Management (Brav), Heidi Allen & 8000+ Positive People Army (PPA) and Dr. Rob Rutledge, Timothy Walker & team from Healing and Cancer Foundation (HCF) as I enter into an Intrapreneurial program with my Mentor Susan Fulford of Dynamic Legacy. I also have an ‘Assurance Provider’ Ian Lai and an Empact Advisor Michelle Ingram and my awesmazing husband Dave and son Ashton + extended family by my side.

In the Intrapreneurial program, Susan will be supporting me as I learn how to raise capital, develop & start a solid plan for the relationship management system & related apps I am working on developing and I will be continue my research too.

Also, for all 3 organizations I am furthering their work in various ways – starting a Brav Shift division for Brav that includes a monthly podcast starting in September, a representative online and offline at events as well as fundraising; I am a Core Founder for Positive People Army and working on a manifesto for global expansion to ensure we are meeting needs of the largest army without arms; and part of the Canada 150 Wellness Challenge for HCF, helping them to expand events & programming as well as fundraising. 6

I also write, active in my online and offline communities as I continue to be a Curator, Collector and Collaborator.

I am still developing my own website but I can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter and the Positive People Facebook community.

How to find out about Sheila’s Work

My main social media is Facebook for family and friends and people I met in person so keep it pretty closed with LinkedIn being my major network for connecting with anyone:
Twitter too: @BuiltByHearts
Their social media is all found via their websites but if you want to become a part of the Positive People Army you need to directly join their Facebook community:

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