Why I Took Out The Time To Create A Home Made Music Video With My Daughter

It’s hard being a mother of four and in business. Making sure you plan and manage your time so there’s enough time in the day or even week to give to your family and love ones.

I’m sure we’ve all gone though this work-life-balance dilemma. And we all know to well if time is not taken out to spend the quality time our children and family so need it could have great consequence in the long run.

So my daughter has been pestering me to take her to dance school during the summer holiday, which is not that surprising. My whole house hold is big on music and dancing. But there was just not enough time in the day to find to take her, at least not for a while. But she was not suspecting what was going to happen next.


So I thought if I can’t get her there, I would bring the dance school to her. Why not put her through the course and give her a bench mark to follow or reach, you know to get her ready for her summer dance school. To be honest with you I was looking forward to the showdown more than she was.

I suggested that we would attempt to recreate our very own home made music video and to my surprise she was up for it. Now the hard part was out of the way, now what to do. We had to come up with some dance moves and next was the music.

It took us two days to plan a routine. We had such a fun time coming up with what we were going to do. Finally we had something we thought might work. The next difficult part was getting my 13 year old son to film the whole thing outside in the freezing cold and oh in front of passing traffic and people, so you can imagine he’s face when I put this to him.


It took some persevering powers on my part, but we made it work and here you have before you the finial piece.

I so much enjoyed the whole creative process and taking out the time in my busy schedule to spend time investing in my children.

This is one of the joys I get and love when working for yourself and what was more amazing was when we posted up on my Facebook page it when viral….so it was kind of like a confirmation for me to remind me why I was doing what I was doing, working all those late hours. That it was for my children and family.

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