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Get your Startup Dream in Motion with Rachael Academy Business Launch Pad

Are you ready to get your startup off the ground? Many Startups are growing now, and this is the right time to grow yours. It’s never too late to become an entrepreneur and chase your business dream. The internet has made that even easier. Whether you’re looking to launch your dream business or a business that you can run on the side to fund your lifestyle, Rachael Academy Launch Pad is here to help you get started. So what are you waiting for?


Go behind the scene in my business with The Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur. A Place where you get to find out a little more about me and what tools I use to run my blogs and hopefully get to know me better.


We know that not all entrepreneurs are the same, that's why at Rachael Academy we create content to match our unique and diverse community of entrepreneurs.



Here's whats trending on Rachael Academy. Watch more videos and Join! in on the Conversation.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling Your Business

When it comes to showcasing or promoting our business as business owners and entrepreneurs we sometimes find it hard to know what to say, when to saying and how we should go about it.

It's Time To Supercharge Your Business

Okay so in a few days we're going to be in the month of May, fast I know. So this is actually the best time for us as entrepreneurs and business owners to review our business and to find out if we are still on track for where we want our business to go.

The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs

Hi all I’m So excited to Introduce my New Monthly Series The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs. Where I showcase amazing Men and Women in business. So let me introduce to you my first Guest on my first episode Lauren Rogers Martin. Please take out the time to watch more videos.

How To Develop Your Brand And Bloom In The Niche Your In Right Now

POST VIEWS: 9 views Finding the right niche to get into when starting out in business can be a difficult one. Should you go into a niche because you know it? Or into a niche because you like it? Or maybe into a niche just for the potential income you can make? Well all three wouldn’t be bad now would ...
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What to Do When Business is Slow

POST VIEWS: 66 views It’s always an exciting venture to own a business. It opens up a lot of possibilities, and the fact that you are the boss of you gives you enough flexibility to do what you want. It’s the dream job, because you basically call the shots for everything! But while all that is true, you also need to understand ...
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10 Great Writing Tips for eBook Authors

POST VIEWS: 82 views People write for a variety of reasons. Some because it’s a deep, heartfelt passion and others because they enjoy the challenge. Still others write because they want to make a name for themselves. And then, there are folks that write… …to make some money! No matter what the reason, writing is a talent, whether blessed with ...
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“Management: Employee Motivating Tips”

POST VIEWS: 123 views Your main responsibility at work as a leader is to motivate the people who are under your management. As individuals, we each have our own personalities. It is a leader’s job to eliminate these individual differences and mold the people together to work as a team. Still, this is easier said than done. Because of the ...
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How To Boost Your Business With Blogging: The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

POST VIEWS: 35 views Business blog is an incredible online marketing tool that saves you thousands of dollars but provides great business opportunities in just one click. Blogs are user-friendly, customized and flexible medium for disseminating useful information for effective positioning of your products in the market. Companies engaging in business blogging have a definite edge over its competitors. Here ...
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Joint Ventures A Great Way To Jump Start Your New Business

POST VIEWS: 213 views   Try to answer the following questions first before continuing to read: • Do you have an online business that you just completed making with all the links and key words performing properly and have an affiliate program but you need to jump-start it with no cash for promotion? • Do you want your goods or services ...
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50 Of The Best Network Marketing Companies In 2018

POST VIEWS: 83 views Here are the best network marketing opportunities of 2018 based off of trends, speculation and your ability to thrive. Before diving in, you should watch this video. It quickly covers the MLM industry: Here we go: #50. Herbalife Herbalife probably has the FTC on speed dial, but they’ve managed to settle things for now. It remains to be seen what a ...
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How To Build Your Business Brand With Influencer Marketing

POST VIEWS: 16 views If you’re like me and you run a business which spends most of its waking time online, then I’m sure you’ve heard from passing the new buzz word ‘Influencer Marketing‘ but is it just another buzz word or is your business losing out on a potentially huge market to increase your business profits and niche. Okay ...
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An Inside Look Into Manifesting The Life You Want With Visualization

POST VIEWS: 42 views Visualization refers to the practice of seeking to impact the outer world by altering one’s thoughts and expectations. Visualization is the fundamental technique underlying positive thinking and is frequently utilized by athletes to enhance their performance. Visualization is the technique of utilizing one’s imagination to visualize particular behaviors or events occurring in one’s life. Get all ...
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Financial Investment Tips That Can Save You Money

POST VIEWS: 65 views If you are planning your financial future and considering some sort of investment it can get quite confusing with all the choices that are available. There are so many different financial services that it can be a bit overwhelming so it is an idea to seek help from a professional financial adviser. Any financial advice that ...
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Natural Health – Balance, Variety, And Common Sense

POST VIEWS: 33 views Every day one or two health foods are flooded into the market claiming superior health benefits. Almost every month, bookstores will stock up on books that sell health and dieting programs. On the TV, exercise programs and exercise machines are advertised to keep healthy and fit. The fact is all of these works, the question is, ...
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Start & Grow your Business the Instagram(tm) Way – Picture Perfect Profits

POST VIEWS: 21 views Instagram is growing in popularity every day. People love to take photos and upload them to share with the world. Wouldn’t it be great if you can put this social media site to use and make some money with it? The best thing is, you can and Instagram is easy to use as an online business ...
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How To Go Viral With Your Business And Conquer Your Market And Niche

POST VIEWS: 31 views So you’ve started a business congratulations! What’s next? Well the first steps are always the important ones. And a great place to start is finding ways to get yourself, brand and business in front of your desired audience, customers and potential clients. A great way to do this inexpensively is through viral marking. The term “Viral ...
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How To Choose A Business That’s Right For You

POST VIEWS: 14 views THE QUESTION: I really want to start my own business, but I have no idea what business would be best suited for me. I’m also eager to get started, but I don’t want to pick the wrong business just because I’m impatient. How should I go about deciding what business would be best for me? — ...
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Seven Ways Of Making Blogging Work For You

POST VIEWS: 34 views Blogging has become a great tool that most businesses use to get the attention of more customers. For the independent professional, blogs are an easy communication tool to enhance credibility and trust among customers. Besides that, blogs make it easy for other people to locate you on the Internet. But then, 9 out of 10 blogs ...
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What Do You Fear Most As An Entrepreneur?

POST VIEWS : 49 views A lot of people have the vision to become entrepreneurs. However, many could not pursue this vision because they have been overcome by fear. You may have a brilliant idea, but if you cannot overcome these fears, you will not be able to achieve anything! 1. Fear of what other people will say Unfortunately, the world ...
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Ultimate Techniques For Time Management

POST VIEWS: 122 views “Now go on and enjoy yourself, dance to your heart’s content and win the Prince’s heart. But remember, you have to be back before the clock strikes twelve at midnight.” We all are familiar with the words of the Fairy God Mother in the evergreen fairy tale ‘Cinderella’. It’s these words that probably made us aware-for ...
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My Office And Studio Reveal & Update

POST VIEWS: 98 views It’s D-Day, update and Reveal of my office and studio. It’s been much awaited, slower than I wanted due to time restraints. I’ve loved every minute of it. You can watch my video update below. Be warned! Things might change from now to the finished project as when I’m being creative I like to be free ...
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How To Become A Writer The Simplest Way. With Omar Zac Phillips

POST VIEWS: 75 views The journey of becoming a writer can be a road that some find hard to carve ...
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A Manifesto Of Writing By zari alexxanderr-caine

POST VIEWS: 30 views Bio & Introduction The poetic prose of zari alexxanderr-caine is a signature of his craftsmanship as ...
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How To Start A Side Hustle With eBay Referrals

POST VIEWS: 49 views Many of us are now looking for ways to live a more balance and happier life ...
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How To Develop Resilience The Power To Move Mountains In Your Business And Life: With Winston Ben Clements

POST VIEWS: 82 views Winston Ben Clements is a former Technology Specialist turned Inspirational Speaker with a mission to create ...
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How To Own Your Own Personal Story In The Face Of Adversity With Chris Greenfield

POST VIEWS: 90 views The Breaking Boundaries Mindset Coach and Speaker Chris Greenfield Coaches Personal Individual and groups to help Eliminate ...
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50 Quick Motivational Bites To Get You Fried Up In Life

POST VIEWS: 41 views Motivation is a powerful, yet tricky beast. Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and ...
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Conversations With Jacqueline The Emotional Strategist

PODCAST VIEWS: 44 views Podcast Show Questions Jacqueline is an Author, Emotions Strategist, Wellness Advocate & PeopleWhisperer, and loves to ...
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How To Start Your Own eBook Lifestyle Business

POST VIEWS: 93 views Right now is one of the best times in Internet marketing history to make a ton ...
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How To Gain Your Life Back And Own It After Battling With Clinical Depression With Robert Brooker

POST VIEWS: 142 views After suffering with clinical depression, and diagnosed at age 20.  Robert Brooker has been through the trenches ...
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Just How Bad Would a Zombie Apocalypse Really Be?

POST Views: 90 views Podcast Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips Podcast Co-Host: Levi Phillips Podcast Co-Host: Nathaniel  Phillips If any of ...
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How To Start A Successful Home-based Business With Affiliate Programs

POST VIEWS: 52 views Podcast Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips Most of the ideas that I have listed here are completely ...
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Mentorship On A Budget: How To Find A Mentor And Do I Need One To Be Successful

POST VIEWS: 63 views Podcast Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips Podcast Co-Host: Omar Zac Phillips If I have seen further than ...
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How To Develop Your Brand And Bloom In The Niche Your In Right Now

POST VIEWS: 9 views Finding the right niche to get into when starting out in business can be a difficult ...
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How To Build Your Business Brand With Influencer Marketing

POST VIEWS: 16 views If you’re like me and you run a business which spends most of its waking time ...
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How To Expand Your Home Based Craft Business with the Internet

POST VIEWS: 39 views Are you an individual who operates a successful home-based craft business? If so, you know the ...
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Ultimate Techniques For Time Management

POST VIEWS: 122 views “Now go on and enjoy yourself, dance to your heart’s content and win the Prince’s heart ...
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How To Manage Your Time, Wisely

POST VIEWS: 39 views One of the biggest problems that people have is that they simply have bad time management ...
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Time Invested Wisely = Your Dreams

POST VIEWS: 33 views This past Friday I was asked to speak with a person, who just signed into a ...
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Great Time Management Techniques For Your Busy Business

POST VIEWS: 60 views We all struggle with time. It doesn’t matter if you are at the top of the ...
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